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Sat, 20 Apr



Family Constellation in London

Untangle yourself from past blockages. Transform your relationships. Inner child work. Healing.

Family Constellation in London
Family Constellation in London

Time & Location

20 Apr 2024, 08:30 – 17:00 BST

London, Quaker Meeting House, 2 Lawn Terrace, Blackheath, London SE3 9LL, UK

About the event

Join us for our 7th Family Constellation organised with Debbie Beauchamp. I have known her for the last ten years and had the pleasure of witnessing her in action and seeing it all unfold in our family dynamic. Both my husband and I have attended her workshops. I love working with her and hosting our gatherings even if I must fly in from Copenhagen. We worked hard to make these workshops available and create a community around them, and I am not ready to let go of them. 

🎈 We have a thriving WhatsApp community only for those interested in Family Constellation you can join HERE even if you will not attend this workshop. 

Below is the info regarding the workshop. Please read it carefully. 

Sometimes, despite our best efforts over long periods of time, difficult problems persist in our lives.  These enduring issues may have their origins and potential solutions in our unconscious relationship to our family system. Constellations provide a fresh and powerful way to understand and resolve these deeply felt, intensely personal issues.

Difficulties that can be profoundly transformed by constellations include:

  • Relationship problems between partners, parents and children
  • Divorce or separation
  • Inability to achieve what we want in life
  • Frustrations with work, career direction, money
  • Illness, disability, facing death, bereavement
  • Persistent depression, anxiety or other emotional states
  • Addictions or other compulsive behaviours

What are Family Constellations?

Constellations help us to view our issues in the context of all our important relationships and loyalties. They reveal to us the ways we may be unconsciously entangled in relationships with others. In those entanglements, we may follow in the footsteps of another person, however costly that may be to ourselves. Alternatively, we may seek to compensate another person with a painful fate by denying ourselves. Through this gentle but powerful work, previously baffling dynamics can be brought to light and resolved. This enables participants to move towards freeing themselves from the forces that hinder their happiness and fulfillment.

How these workshops run?

  • Constellations were developed by the German therapist Bert Hellinger. In a safe and confidential setting, each “Issue Holder” works with a facilitator to set up a constellation on their issue. Firstly, the facilitator will help them describe the issue. The participant then chooses members of the group to be a “Representative” for the relevant people and positions them into the particular grouping which is a constellation. During this process, a clearer picture of the issue and the underlying dynamics emerges. This picture can offer us profound new insights about the people and events in our lives and can open up radical new approaches to change and resolution. These in turn create the possibility of arriving at peace with our issues, and of moving forward with greater freedom, happiness and purpose.
  • Participants may be Issue Holder, who brings an issue to constellate or attend as a Representative. Representatives may take part in constellations and so contribute to the work and also learn about it. Representing in the work of others often offers insights and healing as powerful as when we bring our own issues. A safe, confidential and supportive environment is provided in the workshops. Taking part in this process, either as an Issue Holder or Representative, can touch people in a deep and healing way.

No prior knowledge of this way of working is needed.

🎈 For this day workshop, we have spaces for, so please book early.

  •  5 Issue Holders
  • 15 Representatives

Time 8.30am-5 pm. Please be on time.

Location:  Quakers Meeting House, 2 Lawn Terrace, Blackheath, London SE3 9LL

Any questions:

Love, Nora & Debbie

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Debbie Beauchamp is a BACP accredited counselor. Debbie has been participating in constellation work for over 10 years and completed her professional training as a constellator in 2010. Debbie also runs transformational workshops for women and men and has a passion for healing between the masculine and feminine. She supports people to create a life that expresses all of who they are.

Testimonials from the previous workshops:

"Family Constellation with Debbie Beauchamp has become a real highlight of my year.

I found the experience as an Issue Holder to be incredibly healing and nourishing.

Debbie and Nora have created a space that felt very safe, supportive and warm.

And going through the day in the company of beautiful, supportive and like-minded women made the experience extra special.

I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Olga Bonde 

" The family constellation workshops Nora hosts are life-changing - no exaggeration.  Whether you are new to inner work or experienced, you will witness the unexplainable take place.  It gently connects me to a part of myself that wants to be seen, heard, held, felt and loved.

If you want to go deeper, feel deeper and experience a oneness with humanity this is a beautiful workshop to do so.

I have done many retreats, workshops and online temples with Debbie, who always delivers.  She is a true inspiration.  I hope Nora will continue to host as she brings positive, encouraging energy and a beautiful location for us participants."

Liana Sheldrick 

" I woke up happy for the first time in a long time. I was on a high like I had taken LSD or sth! The clouds in my window were dancing like they were animate. Then I remembered Debbie’s words about how things can be interesting following the work. I smiled, everything seemed brand new, and I felt brand new. Thanks to all of you my beautiful sisters, we were one yesterday and I will never forget how we all felt. Gratitude to Debbie’s wisdom and presence and Nora’s skills. Love."

Berivan Kaya 

"I have been to 2 sessions as a representative and 1 as an issue holder, all this spread across several years. The first one was mind-blowing in terms of how connected I felt to all the issues where I represented someone, the second a familiar experience but still left me very grateful for having a space in which issues and feelings are welcomed in their raw state and the final one where I was an issue holder exploded my mind again with the insights and healing received through observing my issue being represented by random people in the room which were so clearly pointing out to underlying dynamics that I have overlooked or was too afraid to look at before. Debbie, the facilitator is amazing at being intuitive, and gentle but at the same time strong and reliable creating a safe environment for participants to truly open up, share and receive. The group is small and Debbie facilitates with grace and her experience and knowledge are tangible. The thing that stays with me after each session is the interconnection we have between us and how I find parts of me reflected in every issue worked on in the session. I truly recommend to anyone trying it out, that it's impossible to not get something valuable to take back, either as a new perspective, or a new friend or just a warm feeling that we are not alone in whatever we're going through." 

Valentina Postelnicu


  • Issue Holder

    Sale ends: 12 Apr 2024, 19:00 BST

    Please read the description on the event page about Issue Holders so you know what you are getting into. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me From my heart, Nora

    +£3.75 service fee
  • Representative

    Sale ends: 12 Apr 2024, 19:00 BST

    Please read the description of what it means to be a representative in a family Constellation before you come so you are clear about it. If you have any questions, please let me know From my heart, Nora

    +£1.75 service fee



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