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The Monday Club - The Embodied Voice

Come on, it can't be so bad. But thank God we are on zoom and no one can hear us. Only our neighghbours, but who cares.

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 The Monday Club - The Embodied Voice

Time & Location

27 Sept 2021, 19:30 – 21:30 BST


About the Event

This session might be challenging for many of us if we are not comfortable in creatively connecting to our voices. Shouting to our partners doesn't count, apparently. If you already feel tense just by reading this, I highly recommend not listening to your gremlins into your head and clicking on the book button now. Don't overthink it. This session is exactly what you need. You will be fine; we will be fine as we have Kate Smith to guide us through it all. She is fantastic. Everything is optional, and thank God we are on zoom so no one can hear us. I might have a G&T before it just for safety measures. 

⬇️ Check the multiple benefits of training your curiosity muscle with us at the bottom of this page ⬇️

In this session with Kate Smith we will learn how to sound and sing from a somatic point of view. We will use gentle guided meditations, and close attention to the feeling of sound inside our bodies, to open up a new relationship with our voices. We will also be playful, imaginative, and possibly even silly (!) as we explore how this new relationship manifests creatively. Whether you’re already an experienced vocalist, or you swear you can’t hold a tune, this session will give you a new lease to discover and explore your embodied, creative voice.

Why “Embodied”?

Many of us live with an unspoken assumption that the body and mind are separate. While the mind is caught up in thought, abstraction, planning, and judging, we may only notice the body when it speaks up via sensations like discomfort, hunger, or tiredness.

Embodiment simply implies that we are not separate from our body and that it has more to offer us. When we bring our whole self to rest inside the body, when we let the body lead us to internal congruence, we discover a full expression of “yes”, a feeling of being fully in and of our experience.

Why “Voice”?

Moving and sounding are primal functions, they are fully integrated; our whole body engages in the creation of sound, while bringing sound into our movement helps us access our vitality. Movement and voice brought together can be powerful means for processing, expressing, and changing ourselves, others, and the world around us.


Kate Smith  once declared the “singing madame” of Beijing’s cabaret scene (Global Times), she has travelled the globe, crossing borders and musical genres alike, continually defying labels. With experience performing professionally in classical, folk, pop rock, improvisation, musical theatre and more, Kate eventually landed in London, studying classical singing and earning her MMus in Leadership at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she also began developing The Embodied Voice. Since then, Kate has become an in-demand performer and maker in British vocal theatre. She is passionate about transforming our relationship to the body by creating music - and facilitating collective music-making - for voices and bodies in motion.

Kate’s teaching draws on many influences including yoga, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method®, Body-Mind Centering®, mindfulness, contact improv, dance, and theatre. She has studied with Meredith Monk, Seke Chimutengwende, Margaret Pikes (Roy Hart Theatre), Grzegorz Braal (Song of the Goat), Guillermo Horta (VABAS) and more. She is a cast member of Verity Standen’s Undersong and Artistic Director of THAT! Ensemble.

The benefits of training our curiosity muscle together:

🎈 discover new layers of ourselves, others and gain new skills.

🎈 get to dip our toes into all these wonderful things that happen out there without breaking the bank or needing to commit to further courses.

🎈 learn how to approach life with curiosity, open mind even when dull moments arrive.

🎈 relax into your perfectly imperfect self. Mistakes will be embraces as God know we will do plenty of those.

🎈 the dinner table stories will be less boring. Our family will be grateful.

🎈 becoming more interesting, curious and attractive. Our current and future partners will love it.

🎈 but most importantly, we will keep being curious even when shit hits the fan.


  • each Monday we have two hours of being together. You will receive a zoom link and a short pdf a few days before with all the info needed.
  • 7.30 pm we start and for half an hour, we arrive, chat, say hello, moan about whatever is going on with us at that moment; yep, moaning will be allowed.
  • 8 pm, we have our lovely facilitator with us for one hour to stretch our curiosity muscle and experience something new. Stuff will happen.
  • 8.30pm, we have half an hour to share how we felt about the experience, what we like or not, have a glass of wine while we chill. Don't worry; you are in safe hands. I have been holding space for people to share their stuff since I was a child.
  • 9.30pm we say goodbye and return to our lives with fresh stories to tell.
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