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Event Consultation  

Sometimes all you need is to have an insightful, honest conversation with an event planner to gain awareness, clarity, a sense of direction and practical support. After our conversation, you will receive a short, clear plan of action for you to keep and follow at your own pace. Our conversations might be the only thing you need to start planning and organising your event. I am confident everyone can authentically host celebrations and work gatherings that are joyful, nourishing, heart-based and memorable. 

Most event planners want you to hire them so they will not share their secrets with you on how to do it, but I am. My mission is helping humans to have more meaningful social gatherings that don't cost an arm and a leg and enjoy the process of planning an event.

But if you don't have the time, energy and skill to do it and have the finances then, yes, I am your woman to make your event a reality. Check my other services. 

Image by Brooke Lark

These conversations are beneficial especially for those who feel a bit overwhelmed from hosting and organising personal celebrations or small work events. You might know what you want but don't know where to start from. Or you don't know what you want and need some ideas from outside and a chat that clarifies these matters. Maybe you feel the pressure from outside to perform or host in certain ways that doesn't sit well with you so you need extra support to get you through. 

What ever the issues we will find together the practical solutions that anyone can put in practice. You can always book a follow up if needed. Also in some situation, after our conversation you might realise that hosting that particular event is not what you really want and that's is also ok. 

What you get are: 

  1. practical solutions for any issues regarding the event

  2. clear plan of action for you to put in practice at your pace

  3. new ideas and perspective on how to plan your event

  4. awareness of the direction and goal of the event

Amelie Keller .png

" Last year, I turned 50 and was planning a bigger birthday celebration with friends and family. I had some ideas but was feeling indecisive and drawn between different options. So I got in touch with Nora, hoping she would be able to help me – although I was not quite sure how she would be able to help by a conversation alone (I live in Switzerland and knew she wouldn’t be able to actually organise the event for me). 


I was absolutely amazed how quickly Nora understood my needs and came up with concrete ideas that we uniquely tailored to my situation. She asked the right questions and so made it very easy for me to choose between the various options and help me formulate a clear plan. Not only did she give me lots of concrete tips and ideas, but she helped me clarify my core motivation for having the event in the first place. This helped me shape the individual steps to get there and was so useful as a guiding principle when I stumbled upon issues along the way."

Amelie Keller, designer Switzerland

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