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This is the only gift you need for your birthdays

You will need time to unwrap your heart, soul around it. It's at the bottom of this page if you don't have time to read the text below.


A meaningful, fun, authentic birthday full of connection will take time and effort. All good things do. But it should not leave you stressed and exhausted. My gift will make sure that your birthday celebration will leave you nourished and uplifted, aligned with your values, full of great memories, energy and heart. And the good news is that you don't need to spend a fortune on it unless you have one. 


Birthady meme.JPG
Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova

Now go on and celebrate
being alive, the alternative sucks!

From my heart,


You might feel overwhelmed, anxious, annoyed, bored of old ideas and stressed out just thinking of your coming birthday. Maybe you are more of an introvert and don't feel like hosting. Perhaps you are a bit of an overthinker and don't know where to start. Maybe you want to be surprised, but none of your family members knows how to do that. Maybe you are a bit of a perfectionist, so your mood turns sour when something doesn't go right.

Welcome to the club.

I experienced all of these myself and it's ok.

My gift for you will help you find balance, joy  and your sense of humour for your birthday celebrations.


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