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7 Day Heart Opening Challenge

No, it's not about heart surgery, though it might feel like it at times. It's about #consciously thinking of someone I #love, embracing all the layers of my #emotions that might arise. As we know, it's not always black and white. It never really is. That is why I call it heart-opening because all sorts of feelings will come up. Joy.

I will start my challenge on Wednesday, and I will spend each day #meditating on one particular person and imagine all that tighs me to them and share a post about it on media. Why am I doing that?

  • Warm-up for our series of workshops with Kevin Davidson - The Magick Stone, where we will create an experience for someone we love. Connecting to our heart and exploring the #relationship is a must before designing a #gift like that.

  • Lockdown created physical #distance from our loved ones and might tempt the #heart to close as missing people can be painful. Time to reconnect.

  • International Women's Day is on the 8th of March, and it's natural for me to think of all the women who inspired, raised, and #nurture me.

  • Mother's Day is on the 14th of March in the UK. Our first #deep love #connection was towards our mothers in most cases.

Opening your heart has multiple benefits: getting used to being #vulnerable, #experience long, last emotions, shifting #shit might happen, and releasing #tension. You know the theory; now it's time to put it into practice.

Laugh. Connect. Grow

Love, Nora

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