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A Testimonial is a Good Thing

I used to cringe at #testimonials as I thought why people would trust other people more than their #intuition or #experience. I never thought about how it must feel for those receiving the testimonials. But since I started Nora's Events, I also understand who the testimonials are really for.

They are brilliant for those who receive them. They remind us that our work is enjoyed and needed in this #world. Some of you are young #entrepreneurs and know what I mean when I say it feels so bloody good to hear that your #work is seen and loved. It's nice to hear when someone says, well done, you, no matter when.

It never wears off.


So when Cat wrote me a testimonial, it went to my heart and embraced me. I also read it aloud to my family, so they and I get reminded of what a fantastic soul I am. Because you know I have some inner characters that disagree with #compliments and testimonials. They sound like this:


Why do you need validation from the outside?

It shows how far away from Zenhood you are.

You should rise about these mere mortal things.

It just makes you look weak and less confident.

Don't write about us in a newsletter.

You make yourself look even weaker.

No one is going to trust us now.

This is not important.

Shape up.


But here I am in the car park waiting for our daughter, silencing these voices by recognising that they are part of me and #embracing them #tenderly as they mean no harm to me; they need some #love and #awareness, so they don't run the show anymore.


I never thought a testimonial would bring all these up to the surface. So thank you, Cat Moyle; I loved working with you and can't wait to weave more #magic together. You reminded me also to do the same for others more often.


So if you had a lovely time with someone, let them know. It doesn't need to be a testimonial; it can be a simple compliment on media, a text or a call. Hug them if you can. Tell them that they are needed even when posts, videos, texts or actions are not perfect, especially when they are not perfect. They will be eternally grateful.

It will take you a minute, but its effects will be last long. The world needs more compliments and acts of #kindness, more than ever. I hope you all have people around you to show and tell you that you are seen, needed and loved.

Always love, Nora

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