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Amanda- The Artist

I am so excited to create my first #workshop after lockdown with Amanda Douge, not only because I am itching for some action but also because of recent events such as the Black Lives Matter protests, I feel there is a desperate need for empowered voices more than ever. There are a few places left for the 12th of July workshop, book here:

Amanda has had an accomplished career as an #artist: she is an award-winning #actress, #director and #writer, working internationally in #theatre, #film and #television for thirty years. She founded a successful theatre company in Australia and has worked extensively on screen in the UK and US. She is also a teacher of #voice and #drama, a #feminist, ready to stand and fight her ground, even when all hope is lost. 

The first thing that I loved about her was her voice, bright, strong, and yet warm. Last year I had the chance to attend her Empowered Voice workshop. No, it wasn't about #singing, though she teaches that too. It was about realising that we all have #powerful voices that can express our #needs, boundaries, and desires clearly, without fear and timidity. 

My voice didn't take center stage when I grew up. There were too many competing voices around. I know, it doesn't look like it now, but only in the last few years, I started to rediscover my inner voice and let it out. Amanda's workshop was fundamental in my process of realizing my mighty voice. 

Amanda's work with #children, especially #teenagers, continually inspires me, she is a true believer in the #power of #art. Our daughter is lucky enough to have her as her voice, literature, and drama teacher. It's pretty hard to impress and have a lasting effect on a teenager, this day and age; however, Amanda always succeeds. She combines all of her skills to provide a highly personalized class so that Anna leaves each time with solid skills, a spring in her step, and a confidence boost. I relish how our daughter passionately shares with me her experience with Amanda while we drive back home. As a result of her private lessons, Anna's voice fills the house, sometimes later then our neighbours might agree, but that is ok. We love it. She can also express her opinions and defend them well, whether we like it or not. All three of us like to talk, be the center of attention, so we are all #learning how to share the #limelight.

During the lockdown, some voices were silenced or got weaker as the audience dispersed. Some, the lucky ones had time to connect to their #inner #voices. Others just got stronger. I am an eternal #optimist, and I do believe we can #create a #world where all voices are heard and valued. So now it's the perfect time to know a great artist and teacher such as Amanda Douge.

Love, Nora

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