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Good-bye 2020

Here we are on the last day of this #remarkable year. I always get #melancholic on this day, no matter where it finds me. This #time I am writing to you at 2 am in the night, surrounded by the flickering lights shining from our Christmas tree and the silence that only early hours of the day can give. I will focus on what was good this year, not because I am one of those who can’t see pain, sadness and reality as it is. It’s because we humans tend to forget the #good bits when we feel overwhelmed by life, and this year was particularly tough.

So are a few of the good things that happened to me in 2020 :

  • I started a blog about my experiences and wrote 38 blog post to date. I am overcoming the #fear of being seen, and I feel like we are growing together. Thank you for each and one of you, my dear ones.

  • I discovered that my #body could do so much more then my #mind thinks, thanks to Cecilia, my trainer. She taught me to have patience, relax into my trembling headstands and enjoy the vitality of my 42-year-old body.

  • I had 40 Osho Tarot Reading Session on Zoom with my dear #friends: Pavlina, Lucy, Barbara and Olga. Our regular chats kept me sane. I love you all. Thank you for being in my life.

  • I ran a total of 160km since mid-October. For someone who does not like running, this is a massive achievement. I discovered that I process pain, get brilliant ideas and find joy while I run. I also realised I love it when I stop running.

  • I started a #fundraising #campaign for two of my friends: Blanca and Barbara, battling breast cancer. Their courage and strength is a constant inspiration for me. We raised £2,500 so far !!! The support we received is deeply humbling, and we are grateful for all the donations. Thank you all. To donate click HERE.

  • I had experienced #wild, #playful, #compassionate #facilitators this year. They helped me grieve, heal, listen to my body, #laugh out loud, #forgive, #love and #connect to myself. Here are just a few: Jamie Catto, Dani Tonks, Olga Bonde, Erika Chalkley and Leandro D’Andrea.

  • I read the Best book ever!!! Fredrick Backman: Anxious People. It’s one of those that breaks your heart with tender love and sews it back again with wit and fun. It will make you #cry and laugh at the same time.

  • Last but not least. Master Sushi, our #puppy. She changed our lives forever. Her playful nature and unconditional love inspire me every day. She makes me laugh. She taught me boundaries and to let go of the idea of clean floors when it comes to muddy paws. She is a Velcro dog, and we love her for it.

I hope by reading my list, you will also look back on this year that is soon over and find the moments that inspired you, the ones that made you grow, laugh and connect. May the New Year bring you many more of these.

Love, Nora

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