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Heart Lead Actions

I know our hearts can be moody, unpredictable and drive us mad, but I believe any action that comes from the heart is more authentic; it has the power to touch others, and even if we fail, it is easier to be forgiven.

There is no guarantee that the heart knows best or it's more reliable than the mind. Some argue that the body knows best, which the embodiment world is proving increasingly well. In spiritual circles, body-mind is the same. In traditional Chinese Medicine, the mind should not be in the driver's seat but rather, the body should be in charge. Entire political systems are built on the "rational" mind; hence we are in such a mess. In my world, ideally, all three sides: the heart, body and mind should be equal and be listened to before taking action. But hey ho, we are humans, and we tend to choose the one we are more comfortable and connected with.


I choose the heart over the others. It gets me in trouble sometimes, but that's ok. Because if I screw up (which I do regularly ), admit it, apologise from the heart, and stay curious and loving towards myself, the chances are that people will meet with their hearts and forgive me.


This week I emailed the facilitators who were supposed to come to The Monday Club and told them that it was cancelled. Each of them met me with their hearts in one way or another. It was touching. Some of you emailed me to offer support and kindness. I appreciated your time and heartfelt messages. I know everyone is busy, so thank you for those.


Here is a good question.

Have you ever been touched by a politician apologising? No. It's a rare sight because their actions are not heart lead, so it's practically impossible. I don't have a problem feeling sorry for them as my heart goes out even to Boris, bless his heart. He is one of a kind, but let's not go in there.


I also noticed heart meets other hearts. Mind meets other minds, and body meets other bodies. So if you want more heart-based connection, lean into your heart.


I also let my heart drive my actions when it comes to event organising. If you have an event, please take care of the practical bits that require the mind and be gentle with your bodies as they hold much wisdom regarding your needs and stay connected to your heart.

Most social gatherings have a heartfelt reason behind them, so is good to embody that and let each action come from that place. It will make the job so much easier and show throughout the event so the guests will have a fantastic heartwarming experience. We are a sucker for those, aren't we?

I hope this helps.

Let me know in the comments.

From my heart, always, Nora.

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