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Hello Again. February The Month of Love

Hello again. I finally got the #strength to #write. Sorry for my silence. The reasons for it: dealing with Covid 19. Yes, we got it. I was not sure you really want to know, but I felt like you know so much already about me, it would be weird not to mention it. After all, my newsletters are about my #experiences, and this virus is definitely one to be remembered. I am ok. Tired, slow, silent, spaced out. I poured all my energy into holding the fort now that my husband is feeling the virus's effects more than me. Our daughter needs me as her anxiety levels have increased also. I suppose we live in demanding times. So that is why you didn't hear much from me.

However, you have been on my mind. I wanted to share how I am, and also life does move on, and things do happen around us, even if barely visible.

While being sick, I had to cancel the webinar with Olga; sorry folks. However, I organised and planned another workshop with Kevin Davidson. Such is life. Nothing stays the same. Change is the only certainty in life, they say.

The Magick Stone workshop with Kevin is on the 11th of February, and it has #love at its core. After all, St Valentines is coming soon. In this workshop, we will #design, #create and finish a unique #experience for someone we love. Kevin will guide us through a series of playful exercises to create a gift for the ones we love, combining technological and analogue elements into an experience we have made just for them.

If you have someone on mind that you love (partners, family members, friends, neighbours ) and want to create an #unforgettable #gift for them, then this #workshop is for you. For this time, only the workshop is FREE with the option to donate through Eventbrite.

To register, click HERE

From now on, you can check how triggering or challenging are all the events I organise by the number of chillies present next to their titles. For example, The Power of Play events are very #playful and #silly, and the point is to have #fun while getting closer to our #edges. I love this kind of workshop, but some might find this challenging, so that is why they have two chillies. I hope this will help you decided which workshops suits you best. My #intention is to have organise and create a wide range of events. Some #nourishing, some more playful and challenging. Some more healing than others. And some that combine all of these qualities. I wish you all to have experiences that make you #grow, #laugh and #connect.

Take care of yourselves.

Love, Nora

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