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Lockdown Stories #2 Kate - The Warrior

My second #lockdown story is about someone I never met, and she just recently joined my mailing list, so quite a change from my daughter. I randomly select people to #interview from my subscribers, and I love how life takes me to wonderful connection, such as the one with Kate.

Her daughter and I share the same name, and both our daughters are the same age. I love these "coincidences". She kindly accepted to be interviewed by me last week, and though we never met in real life, it immediately felt like talking to an old #friend. The conversation just flowed with such ease and trust, and I could have gone forever.

Kate is a warrior; not only did she go through the pandemic without losing her shit, but she also #separated from a toxic relationship during the lockdown. And the best part of this is that when I asked her: what is the word that would describe last year, she calmly said: #liberating.

Now, that is not what you usually hear when it comes to the pandemic, lockdown, and all that mess. Quite the opposite, I would say. But for Kate and her daughter, that is what last year was. Of course, it came with a lot of #emotional, #practical #hardship as stepping away from stuff that no longer serves you is tough. But she did it.

Kate learned how to respect her #boundaries, saying NO, and understand that not all relationships are meant to work out. She saw herself as powerful and moving away from the helpless #victim #identity.

She has a dream. Oh yes, she has. Her profession is psychotherapist, and guess what? She also wants to own and run a food van. I think that is wonderful. I sensed in her voice that she is ready for this next step, and it’s just a matter of time when I will be buying myself a great breakfast from her van and share a little chat with her. We are both looking forward to seeing our #families, #friends, and #dance together. And I have a feel; we are not the only ones.

Well, what can I say? After our conversation, I felt inspired and high for the rest of the day. That’s me in a nutshell. Give me #people, #new #experiences, and I will be fine. I am curious who my next victim is?

Love, Nora

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