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Oh La la la Monsieur Bon Bon!

Updated: May 18, 2020

Consciously being silly is an art in it's self. Seriousness is a disease. Take advice from the Master of all things silly.

Click on the photo see a glimp of Monsieur Bon Bon in action.

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Monsieur Bon Bon. He is a rare bird; however, he was happy to share a bit of his newly enlightened self.

I was pleased to see him relaxed in his red and white stripes, #garlic around his neck and, "le beret." It has only that or his birth suit, apparently. That is what I call, #minimalistic life. He is spending the days by connecting to the wild life of the British countryside. I know he loves looking into people's eyes, but he discovered that animals are just as good, if not even better. Yes, he is talking to the animals ;) Monsieur Bon Bon is also longing for the human touch, but for now, he is happy with himself. The most #spectacular event that happened since the lockdown is his #enlightenment. And he shared a bit of this bliss with me.

To help us deal with the difficult situation we live in, he recommends 256grams of daily #silliness and a sprinkle of #wild garlic #meditation."

It's good for #immunity, social distancing is sorted and keeps #vampires away. Multifunctional, I may say. 

If you want to see Monsieur Bon Bon in action, he premiers his newly devised Walkshop online, this Thursday the 23rd of April 2020.Book here. It's a once in a lifetime event. It's free for NHS staff, key-workers and anyone else who needs it.

Go on! Life is to short to take it seriously.

Seriously, Nora 

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