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TCM as a way of living- Mr Wang

Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) comes with a bitter taste, not only because of the #herbs but also from all the controversies around it, if you trust what you read on the internet. I'm not too fond of #bitter taste; however, I love TCM and Mr Wang particularly.


So I am so delighted that he agreed to come to The Monday Clubnext week on the 14th of June at Blackheath Conservatoire and talk about TCM, how it works when it works and that ultimately it is a way of living. Come and meet him. To book, click HERE.


I went to see him eight years ago after having seven consecutive colds during one winter and got tired of antibiotics that didn't work anyway. My friend recommended him. I came home with herbs to brew, and it took me 30 min to have my first sip of this muddly looking drink. Nothing prepared me for this level of bitter taste, but it worked. The symptoms were gone after 3 three days, and then we worked on #healing the #root of the problem. I can proudly say I can go through a cold in a shorter time, healed my PCOS and said goodbye to antibiotics as a result of TCM. The most surprising thing is not that the herbs worked; I am learning to listen to my #body, help myself, and apply the TCM principles of living in #balance.


Our daughter is taking herbs to heal her gut and acne. It will take six months, more or less, and many winging moments as she doesn't like bitterness, just like me. My husband went to see Mr Wang, but he couldn't help him because he needs to relax his mind, and no amount of herbs can help with that. I love Mr Wang's integrity and straightforward approach. If he can't help, he will say it; not many doctors do that. I #love his gentle nature, never judging kindness, when he falls into silence trying to figure it out and that he only tells you things if you ask.


We are also working on a series of online events about TCM as a way of living starting this summer. More info coming soon.

Wishing you good health, Nora


Photo: in my silk Chinese robe, drinking Chinese black tea.

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