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Today I had The Shaking Medicine

After four weeks of isolation mind and body feels stiff. URUBU has the right cure for both.

Ok, so let me tell you a #secret. My body definitely needs to move more, otherwise I will become a part of my couch soon. 

This was my first feeling today, so I knew URUBU- School of Transformational Arts is doing something #online and I tried their Shaking Medicine at 11am today. It was fantastic. Just what the doctor ordered.

Before the lockdown I experienced their #ecstatic #dancing #sessions several times and they were each memorable and brought me #joy. Words can't describe the feeling of dancing like no one is watching you.

I was so glad to see that they are thriving in the current situation and it actually also works online.

They used #Twitch for these sessions, which worked really well. The sound was excellent. I only saw and heard the two instructors, not as with Zoom events. They can't see the participants but they did acknowledge all 20 of us. So I totally relaxed and let my body #shake tensions away. My #mind couldn't run so fast and at one point it gave up of messing with the ecstatic #movement.

Seth, the creator of URUBU, has a wonderful and clear way of describing the process and his voice didn't take away from the quality of the music at all. The music is out of this world. I highly recommend you give it a try. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

I already bought my ticket for tomorrow evening for their Tuesday Trance Dance & Cacao Ceremony. This is held on Zoom and it's a two hour long ecstatic dancing session. I can't wait. 

Please share with your friends this email, the more the better and let's shake our worries away. 

Love, Nora

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