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We Are All Insanely Gifted

Just when you thought you read all the self-help books and tried all sort of mind-bending workshops to bring #sanity, #creativity, and #joy into your #life, here I am writing about yet another one. You're welcome! This time my lovely husband experienced the workshop called 'Transforming Shadows' with Jamie Catto, and I read his book 'Insanely Gifted'. Jamie is a creative force behind the early incarnation of Faithless and 1 Giant Leap and leader of personal development workshops for more than a decade. He teaches us to know our deepest instincts better and unlock our real #power. He does all sorts of #workshops #online, #retreats, and one-to-one sessions. Check them out on his website On the the 10th of October he has an all-day online workshop called 'Efficient Activism- for Change Makers' that sounds interesting, as it looks at the link between what we want to change in the world and how it is linked to our own unhealed self. Tickets are available for every budget.  Also if you subscribe to his #newsletters, he hosts free zoom sessions every Saturday so you can try and see what it is all about.  I am always wary of people claiming that all my #troubles will go away only if I listen and do what they say. However, I am open to #experience something new and give most things a try, unless they are insanely #crazy such as #skydiving. In this case, I was not the one experiencing Jamie in action during his workshop. My husband was the ginny pig. Let's say he is not into these kinds of self-development stuff. He has me to do that for him. He claims it's enough if I do it and he will absorb the ideas through #osmosis. However, this time he agreed to try it on his skin and was pleasantly impressed by the #quality, #efficiency, and #practical #skills he learned during the six hours. My curiosity was stirred and got his book 'Insanely Gifted'. This book is full of #love for #humanity in all it's grit and glory with sensitive, #fun moments but also practical #techniques and #games to transform our thinking and turn our inner #demons into #allies. Let me tell you, being raised as a Catholic, you're not supposed to become #friends with your inner demons. Well, this book is encouraging you to do just that: name, talk to, and use your demons for creative purposes. 

" We are every one of us, like a wise guru in charge of a mental patient" Jamie Catto.

Jamie asks us to become our own #nurse with a chart of the #symptoms when demons take over and with a #strategy for when it happens, so eventually, we can help ourself. Some of my mad #characters living inside my head are the people #pleaser, the #perfectionist, and the #crazy one, fearful of death. Nice combo. By accepting and acknowledging them make them less powerful, and sometimes I find myself talking to myself, soothing them. Our demons make our family life so much fun.  We also watched the inspiringly funny #documentary created by Jamie with Ram Dass called 'Becoming Nobody'. Ram Dass (born Richard Alpert) was an American contemporary #spiritual #teacher and the author of the seminal 1971 book 'Be Here Now'.  I highly recommend it. 

"We are all taught to be SOMEBODY, but if the suit doesn't fit? What do you do? The game is not to become somebody is to be nobody." Ram Dass

On this light note, I leave you to enjoy the week ahead.   Love, Nora 

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