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This is where you find out if we are matching or not. 

You and me are quite good at laughing at ourselves and we are not shy off admitting that we are all perfectly imperfect. We are playful, curious and can walk the less trodden path. 

We definitely lived long enough to know that the best things in life are free and simple. We know the outside world is not encouraging us to live in a wholesome, organic way with ourselves, nature and others. And we try to stay sane in a crazy world each in our own unique way. We are aware that the old systems are crumbling at the seems. And we crave for something new, wholesome and aligned with nature and love, because we are true romantics. 

We are tired of the rat race. We dream of slower times. And we are comfortable being uncomfortable with blushing, sweat and tears. Though our minds are fast and brilliant we lead from the heart as she knows best. 

To be continued....

Nora 6.jpeg
Photo by @alexandradao

Please read About Me section for more details.

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