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Event Planner & Consultant

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  • I support busy humans with my event coaching sessions to host and organise their own gatherings in a simple and meaningful way, in line with their values and heart desire. 


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Here is my gift for Your Birthday Day. It includes:

  1. the three fundamental pillars that any event, not just birthdays, stand on. 

  2. a short exercise for you to do in order to tap into your inner Hostess with the Mostess

  3. the subscription to my personal newsletter that I send out weekly full of tips on hosting, organising gatherings and events, stories and inspiring souls that I know and love. 





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Collaborating Caterer

"Can't express enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with Nora. So incredibly professional in her manner, yet bringing a sense of joy throughout her work, made it such an enjoyable experience to collaborate together. Cannot wait to work together again in the future"


Chandni  - Tuck & Tonic

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Charity Founder

"Nora helped us organise our charity fundraising event. She brought an almost infinite amount of positive energy, a collaborative spirit, and big open heart full of love into the event. She listens to your dream for the event, and helps you turn that dream into reality."


Louis Weinstock - charity founder Apart Of Me.

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Collaborating Facilitator

" Nora is a complete dream to collaborate with. She is generous, curious, honest and hardworking. She genuinely wants to create the best experience and has the courage to put all of her heart and all of her soul into her projects. She really shows up in a way that is refreshing and a relief. Her energy and enthusiasm and joy are infectious and it is impossible not to have fun working with Nora. And because of that, the process and outcomes are a joy too. "


Cat Moyle - Embodiment Coach

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