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Everything is Possible

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  • We bring meaning, imagination, and heart into your events. We work with a diverse team of creators who combine ideas with inspiration from nature, rituals, and their vast expertise to come up with unique, memorable experiences to elevate your event.  


  • We co-create events with artists, embodiment coaches, ritual designers, and art therapists. And if we don’t have what you need, we will find it, as we love to search for new collaborators and have an extensive network that we can always rely on.


  • We believe successful events are ones that reflect the authentic self of the client and their values and reach the proposed goals. 


  • The goals of an event are achievable when they stem from a clear common ground where the client's needs, reality and desires meet. Once that is reached, we apply many different skills, such as imagination, planning, management, and operational practical ones, to bring it into reality.  

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Image by Aidan Hampson

In London, we specialised in planning and organising charity events and private parties. We also hosted over 30 workshops, courses and live events in collaboration with diverse facilitators, artists and coaches. 

Our newsletters are a cocktail of tips on hosting and event planning, mixed with personal fun and sometimes not-so-fun stories from my life and a dash of promoting humans from the self-developing world that we tried and tested. We don't get any funds for promoting other people, and we like it that way.


We are proud to say that we have a high opening rate for our newsletters and an international community of creatives.

To join our community of curious souls click the button :)


What makes us different is that we:

  • combine practical organisational skills that are the backbone for any event planning with the softer skills of intuitive, heart-based, personal, and deeply human ones that bring aliveness and connections between all the parts of your event.

  • create a nourishing environment for the undefinable sparkle of human connection to flourish at your events, which is the key ingredient in all successful events. 


We recently relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰 and are looking for new collaborators to continue our journey. 


If this tickles your curiosity, please contact us below, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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Cat Moyle

Embodiment Coach  

Nora was inspiring, creative and hardworking when we collaborated on a number of wellness events during the pandemic.
She was organised and smart in the organisation of the promotional phase and a solid support in the delivery of the online event. She is also warm, honest and funny which makes people feel at ease and draws people to her. I would highly recommend Nora and would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Louis Weinstock profile.png

Louis Weinstock

Author, Charity Founder

Nora helped us to organise a major fundraising event for our charity. She designed, planned, and executed the event with panache. Nora is a very creative, detail-oriented event organiser and I would highly recommend her.


Valentina Postelnicu

Senior Director CX

Nora is very attentive to every little detail when organizing an event. She knows what makes it succesful and doesn't hold back in ensuring everything is carefully planned and ready on the big day. She is also very engaged during the event and graciously sorts out any challenges. She is generous with her time and attention and makes sure everyone feels welcome and included. Having been to a number of events organized by Nora I can say that all were memorable and enjoyable!


Sarah Pletts

Group Facilitator 

Nora is a real people person and is able to sensitively handle negotiations. She is also organised, efficient and determined. Her energy with her skills are a dynamic combination.


Momoko Cheng

Venue Manager

It was our great pleasure to have worked with Nora on a charity event, 'Apart of Me,' in our London venue- the Menier Lounge 
Nora is a lovely lady with a great sense of humour, and not to mention her professionalism in handling everything for the event to ensure everything goes well as planned. I'm sure you'd agree once you have worked with Nora.

Lucy Bullivant .jpg

Lucy Bullivant
Author,Reiki Practitioner

Working with Nora has been an absolute joy. I have facilitated two workshops with her now, and both have been well organised and advertised. The whole experience has been a pleasure, thanks to her genuine love and enthusiasm for what she does. I would highly recommend Nora's Events for anyone looking to get their work to a new audience.

Thank you, Nora.

I hope to work with you again soon."

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