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Self-discovering experiences

Welcome to my playground.
Here we play,
forge connections, and learn something new about ourselves and others. We dance wildly and laugh at our imperfect selves while we self-discover. We gather knowledge from our shared experiences that move our bodies and soul and open our minds. We train our curiosity muscle because it's fun and also because we know that when shit hits the fan (as it regularly does), we will need to stay curious to find wholesome solutions. We live to the full, open towards new ideas, shedding layers and enjoying the ride.

All events are heart lead.

My partners in crime are from all over the world, mavericks, artists, brave souls, torch-bearers and all-around inspiring humans.
Come in. We don't bite.
If you have new toys to show us, get in touch.
I am also a Guinea pig and love trying new things.

Please feel free to browse through my blog or the short description of me below and see if we are a match.  

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Participant The Monday Club

"The Monday Club was an amazing experience. Facilitators were super interesting people which softly and skilfully helped me  find something new about myself. It was great fun. Nora is the most joyful and caring person that goes far and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcome. " Svetlana Berezinskaya

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Participant TCM course

 " It's been fascinating to learn about TCM with Mr Wang. He is bursting with facts, experience and knowledge. Nora is great at keeping the talk on track plus making sure it's fun and casual. I feel enlightened and so happy and empowered to be able to think of my body system and health in a whole different way." Lucy Upward

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Collaborating Facilitator

" Nora is a complete dream to collaborate with. She is generous, curious, honest and hardworking. She genuinely wants to create the best experience and has the courage to put all of her heart and all of her soul into her projects. She really shows up in a way that is refreshing and a relief. Her energy and enthusiasm and joy are infectious and it is impossible not to have fun working with Nora. And because of that, the process and outcomes are a joy too. " Cat Moyle - Embodiment Coach

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