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Hi! I'm Nora

I am a beautiful mongrel of a human. There is Hungarian, Romanian and a sprinkling of Croatian culture mushed up inside me, living in London, UK. 


I am curious about what it means to be a wholesome human and I have a passion for learning new playfull ways of healing our emotional being so we can live a joyful life. I gather and learn about different teachers, artists and facilitators out there. I write blog posts and share my experiences with them. I am organising events and workshops in collaboration with local facilitators. My wish is to bring playfull, authentic healers to people that want to learn how to recycle their emotional rubbish so they don't carry it around or dump it on others.

I share my experiences on the blog for free. I hope my blog will inspire you and that my events will bring you healing through play and authentic connection. If this is helpful to you, please share it for anyone that might needed. 

Love, Nora 

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