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Hi! I'm Nora

I am a beautiful mongrel of a human. There is Hungarian, Romanian and a sprinkling of Croatian culture mushed up inside me, living in London, UK. I am married to a Danish man and we have a teen and a dog together. 


I am a curator and curiosity is my super power. My desire is to inspire others to stretch their curiosity muscle regularly so we can navigate the ever changing waters of life with more ease, playfulness and confidence. I am curious about what it means to be a wholesome human and I have a passion for learning new playfull ways of healing our emotional shit so we can live a joyful life. I organise events and workshops in collaboration with facilitators that are authentically mad, passionate and playful. I love direct communication and hate beating around the bush. Nothing is too serious for me. I believe life is to be lived at the maximum with all it's ups and downs.

I love dancing wildly, travelling, sing in wooden spoons and parties. I don't like rules, I have authority issues. If there is a chance to bend the rules I will do it. Can't follow a diet even if it kills me. I swear, but never in my mother tongue. I am an optimist but once in a while I loose all hope for humanity as I expect too much. But after a good cry, beating of the pillow and a moan, I resurface. I never loose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh and I should say I don't like boring people. 

Oh and one more thing, I love Osho and tend to oshofy everything and drive my family mad with it. 

Love, Nora 

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