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I support heart-lead humans and organisation to create authentic events that are aligned with their values, focus on the important bits, be sustainable and create great memories. 

I don't like extravagant events, pompous and distracting the guests from what's important. 

I love, sustainable, simple events that generate meaningful connections, through playfulness and joy.

I don't believe we need to sell our kidneys in order to have a good event.

We just need to be creative. And I am here to help.

If you are not sure we are a fit, please read the page You & Me and see if it brings more clarity.

I am happy to have a free 30 min chat with you to see if we match.

Email me below at and will come back to you with times and dates.

It's really important to spend some time figuring out if we fit before we start working together.

It will save us many headaches and time. 

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Photo by @alexandradao

Get in touch with me

If you want to have a 30 min chat for free to see if we match or are interested in any of these services, or you have an idea to collaborate or anything else related to events and fundraising, please fill in this form and I will come back to you with time and dates. 

Thanks for submitting!
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