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Life is a Circus!!!

Updated: May 18, 2020

We all juggle quite a lot these days. So better learn how to do it properly from the pros at Aircraft Circus School.

I have known Lucy, Nik and Bina since 2003 through Greenwich Steiner School. They are one of those families that once you see them, you really want to know what they are doing. Aircraft Circus is their #family run, non-for profit, #circus school. They all live and breath circus life. Our daughter Anna joined their Youth Program a few years ago and I joined their FrancisFit exercise routine. It was a revelation for both of us. Who knew I had muscles underneath my layer of #tummy fat that needed a #workout?

I talked to them today and I was glad that they are not giving up and doing lot's of stuff #online. They of course hope that by September they are up and running full steam ahead. 

Right now, they are having a variety of classes on line, such as: #poi lessons, #juggling, Yoga and #kids #classes with donation options available. I tried the follow along adults FrancisFit class and it's absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone, all abilities are welcomed. You can turn off your video on Zoom so for those who are shy it's a real  bonus.

Once things go back to some sort of normality, give #circus a go. They have diverse #classes both for #kids and #adults. To sigh up for any of their classes, send them PM on Instagram or Facebook.

As Lucy Francis said it so beautifully today:

“What she learned by doing circus is that she is connected to her entire #body (even the flappy bits, not that she have any of those), #discipline is a must and that her #mental #health improves when her body #exercises. "

Circus #skills are life skills and is not necessary to swing from the #flying #trapeze in order to get these benefits, unless you really want to.

Love, Nora

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