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Toy Story

Updated: May 15, 2020

Ottie & the Bea are delivering joy and fun for families around the Greenwich area

I wish to live inside Ottie & the Bea toy shop. It is not your typical shop but a cosy, magical shop that it is so inviting that I need to make an effort in not going in when rushing somewhere. Most times, I fail.

Ottie & the Bea is a valued member of the local #community and a gem of a shop in Blackheath Standard for the last ten years. Imagine entering the shop. It's full of books for children of all ages and adults too. I read several young adult books recommended by my 13 years old daughter. I wish I would have had those books when I was growing up. The shop has #toys, #presents, and #baby products that catch your eye and make you feel all soft and fuzzy inside. They also organise all sorts of fun #events and #activities for children at the shop. However, the glue that makes all fit together is the labour of love that Julia, the owner and her #playful imagination that creates this shop to be a unique experience.

Julia and I talked the other day, and I learnt that they are alive and kicking with a great #online shop fully stocked, and do local deliveries for free. Playfulness and #creativity is a part of who Julia is, and so is the #shop. She wants to keep bringing these two qualities to her customers even through these weird times. And I am sure she will succeed.

If you have a birthday coming up and want to surprise someone dear with a special gift, or you want to spoil yourself – because let's be honest, life is hard at the moment – then the Ottie & the Bea online shop is the place for it."

Julia would love to hear from her costumers by email or social media, on how are they enjoying the presents. It would make her feel connected during this time of social distancing. If you can write a review on Google or social media, she would be ever so grateful.

Share it on social media, forward this email, you know the drill. Every little thing helps. Supporting #local shops no matter what.

Love, Nora

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