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My top Conversational Card Games

Updated: Apr 28

Last year I wrote another blog about conversational card games, and it was one of the most viewed blog posts out of 100, so it inspired me to do another, more in-depth one. I took some games out and added new ones that are even more interesting, not always in a good way, as soon you will find out. I also rated them and tried them out with my family and friends (my trusted guinea pigs).

Please let me know what you think in the comments below and which ones you use and like the most, as I am always looking for new inspiration. I know, I know. I have a problem, but don't we all, so let me be :)

10 out of 10 The Connection game by Ruby May

It does what it says on the package. We tried it out with friends, PhD students, and family members, and everyone loved it, even if it made us blush, sweat and even cry. A connection can only happen if we become vulnerable; this card game does that in a playful, fun way. We laughed so much, and we shall never forget the moment we created on the spot a mini gong bath for Carsten with what we had at hand for his birthday. You should have seen us humming, banging on pots and making a total full of ourselves. Anyways, don't be afraid of it. You are still responsible for how deep and silly you want to be. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially academics and serious business people, because they need to laugh at themselves some more and connect in other ways than just through brain-related activities. Take it to team-building events, informal student gatherings, parties and even on first dates. It is so versatile any social group will benefit from it.

Also, it has been created by Ruby in collaboration with 16 other playful artists I know, such as Adam Wilder, Tiu de Haan, and Jamie Catto. These collaborators add a richness to it that the other card games don't have. You will find all the facilitators that created this game in the description. One more thing, it comes in a German version too.

9 out of 10 The Hygge Game

It is so Scandinavian that it hurts, in a good way. Simple, no fuss with over 300 questions will make any boring conversation fun and alive. Both my Danes in the family loved it, of course. It created entertaining and heated discussions, depending on the mood and question. I loved it because it is not pretentious, and some of the questions are unusual such as: would there be any benefit to being in prison? I mean, it is not every day you get to be asked such things. It is suitable for extended families and different generations. Even though my family talks a lot, through this game, we learned something new about each other. Take it with you next time you visit your grandparents and cousins. They might say no to it at first, but they will love it afterwards. Tell them that the Lutheran church uses it too, which is true. Don't trust me? Check it out here.

PS: don't buy it in Copenhagen airport as it is more expensive than online.

8 out of 10 You Think You Know Me from The Pink Tiger Games

It's perfect for younger generations, from teens to those young at heart. It's playful, light fun, and has the potential to prove us wrong and know more about the people around us. Funnily enough, it also works between people that haven't met before because you need to take a risk and make a fool of yourself, which is also healthy for us and hilarious for the rest. I love it. We tried it on four and sixteen people, and it worked perfectly. Everyone loved it.

8 out of 10 Lay Your Cards on the Table from BisPublishers

It sparks the conversation between different generations, especially with these questions: were or are you able to enjoy sex? and why is that? I love it. It is more organised than the previous card set. It contains three sets of cards called: private matters, deep dish and small talk, so you can avoid embarrassing questions if you want to. There are questions about death, goals and fears, which are not so easy to ask as a kid, your grandparents or even parents, so these cards help. They are a good family gift for your friends; they will thank you later. Next time you visit your friends with kids and don't know what to bring, bring these.

Thank you, Milka, for recommending it. You are a star. They are done in the Netherlands, so check the shipping costs. Also, check their Instagram account as they have many different books and games than the traditional publishing company. I like them.

8 out of 10 The Family Game from the School of Life

This game promises to help us discuss what really matters, and it does it brilliantly. There are five piles of cards with different colours: gentle teasing (our favourite in our household), gratitude, self, memories and regrets. The dice will decide from which pile you get to choose a card. Anna loves the gentle teasing cards as she has to imitate us when we complain, which is so much fun. It's not an easy card game for families with strict parents, especially those who take themselves seriously, so be careful to who you gift these cards too. If the communication between family members is stuck or a bit patchy, these cards will help, especially if you are conscious of it as a parent. The teens might say no first time or feel shy to open up but will love it if you are open towards it. Some of the questions might open up previously avoided discussions, so I warned you.

This card game is essential if you have preteens or teens in your household. The School of Life have many books and card games that we all adore, and over the years, we have been huge fans of it, including our teenager.

7 out of 10 The Empathy Game from BisPublishers

This one has potential, I just don't like the rules of it. It is a family game, so don't take it to social gatherings. It is suitable for those who want clear instructions and might need help empathising. You are not only invited to listen but also to translate through action what the other answered. There is a dice to help you with that. I think prisons should have this ;) Anna said it is a very Steiner-like game. So there you have it, suitable for inmates and school children. I wish someone gifted this to Trump or any politician, for that matter. They could use it to develop some empathy. Anyways, let's don't go there.

It is a good game and is needed in our society.

6 out of 10 A Game of Storytelling by The Moth

This game is about true stories told live and is designed to prompt a volley of sharing and listening between you and other players. The prompts are very detailed and can put people off or not, depending on the person. I prefer less, but I can see storytellers will love this. There are also different ways of playing that. Frankly, we never tried them out as we like simplicity; however, geeks and artists will find it refreshing. I lose patience with too many instructions. Also, some of the instructions might be too abstract for younger generations. One said: prepare a story about the onslaught of minutes and years. Not easy even for adults :) I can see this played by artists, actors and storytellers, so if you are one of them, I highly recommend it.

Thank you,Tiu for the inspiration.

5 out of 10 The Diary of a CEO Conversation Cards

This was such a disappointment, maybe because of my expectations. First is such a blatant marketing tool that it makes you sick in the stomach. On the first card, there is already an invitation to share the blank card they include with your question and tag @steven as he will choose the best and ask it to his next guests. Mate, who are you fooling?! Then each card has a question from one of the podcast guests, and on the back, you can scan the code and see the YouTube video of the other guest who answers it. If you are into celebrities, young and impressionable, it might be entertaining, but it was boring for all of us in the family, teen included.

On top of that, the questions are mundane, in my opinion. And the idea that I need to use my phone and look at a video is such a turn-off. It's a good gimmick but not worth it. I used to listen to his podcasts until it became too much rational mind and too little heart, and I couldn't bare more information. I love stories. Oh, and don't try to buy these cards, as they are sold out already. Of course, they are. But if anyone wants mine, I am happy to sell them for £1000 :) I'm just kidding, but that's what Steven would do.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my blog post; if so, let me know in the comments below. Stay playful and curious, Nora

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