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Dancing is More than a Skill

This past year I danced in my living room more than usual, but probably not enough. It's one of those activities that I will not regret doing, but I postpone with all sorts of great excuses. It's more than #skills, #rhythm, or #feeling. It's both losing and finding oneself.


As a child, I was shy and danced behind doors and then moved towards imitating my peers. Though I love dancing, I refused to take lessons as I couldn't follow instructions (I have authority issues). But then Anna came along, and as a parent, I relaxed more into my body to give a good example to her. Little did I know.


The turning point came in 2015 in Nepal at the Osho Tapoban Commune. I danced to Nepalese music under fluorescent lights, surrounded by locals but most importantly, I learned to dance like no one was #watching. Maybe because indeed no one was watching or cared how you moved, so I let go of all inhibitions and never looked back.


Now I find it easy just to let go of ideas on how I suppose to #move. I follow my #body and let the music 🎶 take me on a #journey, and I absolutely love it. I also dance when I am angry or sad, like today. I discovered that I don't need to be in the mood to dance. I can use dance for anything I like or need.


I really hope that you embrace dancing in all its #beauty: the #moves, #vibes, #sexiness, #anger release, #expression of yourself, #creativity, #prayer, and the beyond. For me, dancing is like the swiss knife of embodied expression. It's #handy, #practical, #stylish, and #timeless. Inspiration is everywhere Rachel Sparks , Urubu and Osho Tapoban


I hope you also have one at hand.

Love, Nora

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