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10 Day Play Challenge

Fun, ha? Dressing up, tickle, do gibberish, wear a moustache while you walk your dog is #fun and sometimes old #ideas and shyness will come in to make it a little bit spicier. Of course, my #mind will come will all sorts of excuses why this is #impossible, I should stay in my box, don't rock the boat, all that bla bla bla. Exactly for that reason, I will stick to it even more.

I am doing this in preparation for our first event with Dani Tonks

When: 25th of February.

Time: 7pm-8.30pm UK time

Book your tickets HERE.

Yes, she is doing the same #challenge as me and my lord all mighty, she is going full guns blazing. Check our Instagram bellow, to follow us on our ten days of #silly, #playful, fun, and very embarrassing moments as my teenagers loudly expressed today.

I hope this will inspire you all to put some time aside to tap into your playful mode. It can be anything. It can be done alone or with someone else. Pull some faces in the mirror. Dance #wildly in the living room. Talk gibberish with someone who is equally weird and wonderful as you are. Call a friend and decide to tell each other cheesy jokes from the internet. Make an April fools day joke because who cares if it's April or not anymore.

Why is this powerful? I hear you ask. Besides, by playing you become fully #present in the moment, you will #laugh and #release #stress, #pain and improve your sense of wellbeing, there are extra hidden gems.

First, it will ignite your #creativity. In the free session we had in January, I came out of the garage, high on adrenaline and immediately felt a rush of ideas popping to my head.

Secondly, I started viewing the world from a different perspective. Life is a game to play. I hear you; the world is going down the drain. Maybe it's been always going down the drain. What do I know? Just think we have one life, how do I want to go down the drain? I want to surf it, dressed in a #sexy long 1930 frock with a cocktail in my hand.

In our series, we will #laugh, #create, #move and do all sorts of silly things. Every exercise is an invitation, so participants can decide how far they want to go. There is no pressure at all. If you choose to play around the edges of your weird self, you might decide to stay there or move even deeper or step away from it; all that is ok. You might observe some barriers that you were not aware of before or even a sense of liberation. And that is why these events are with two chillies as they might trigger some reaction or even healing energy.

There is a competition going on too. You can win a free place for all three sessions of The Power Of Play. You only need to.

Share- the post about our events on your page.

Like- our pages

Tag- two of your friends when you share our post

On the 25th of February we are going to announce the winner at 3pm.

I hope this will bring some clarity, inspiration and #joy to all of you.

Playfully, Nora

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