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Adah Parris: The Firestarter

Updated: May 18, 2020

When it gets dark you better know a good torchbearer. Coaching at another level.

I met Adah Parris in February 2019, in the darkest and greyest month of the year. Literally. Everything I thought I knew about myself seemed shaky, and I had a #feeling that things are shifting underneath my relative #calm surface. I wanted someone that doesn't know me to shine a light onto me, not by telling me who I am (I can't bear people telling me that) but by asking questions that would bring #answers from within. And that is exactly what a good #coach does.

I had three sessions with Adah that made me sweat, squirm, cry in the toilet, and realise what brings me joy in all my #identities in #life.

She is more than a torchbearer; she is a Firestarter! Her wit, warm compassion, and wisdom made me feel naked in front of her. I couldn't bullshit anymore."

She saw ME for who I am. And by the end of our three amazing sessions, I saw myself for who I always been: a brave, compassionate, #free human with #wisdom and #creativity. I just needed an intense light to see myself entirely. This is what Adah Parris does best. 

Adah is offering her services #online for now, given the situation. She also understands that because of the virus, many are affected financially, too, so she had different payment plans. All the information about these coaching sessions are on her website:Adah Parris.

Life is a walk in the park, they say!!! Sometimes it is. But not always. Especially now. If you are in need of a bright light to shine on you, Adah Parris is the one to call!

Love, Nora 

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