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Alive and Kicking

I disappeared for the last three weeks; however, I am alive and kicking.

Survived the road trip through Europe with an anxious dog and stressed-up humans. Bliss :)

Relaxed into the heat and sea in Croatia. It took us a few days to slow down, release stress and start enjoying each other and nature.

Now we are at my mum's farm, surrounded by woods, flowers, dogs, and family. We sleep, eat, visit, play, laugh, cry, celebrate, and I am also working. This is new for me, so I am learning how to do that while still on holiday.

I am hired by the charity Apart Of Me, run by Louis Weinstock, the author of "How the World is Making Our Children Mad and What We to Do About", to organise and raise money at their fundraising event. This is so exciting for me, as it ticks all my boxes. Besides that, I love events, I love raising money as it takes my creativity to a different level. I also love the unknown and the challenge of it all.

Not many people are comfortable asking for money, but I am, and this is precisely the direction I would love to take Nora's Events. So watch this space.

I hope my email finds you well, where ever you are and that you are alive and kicking, living life to the max. I also hope you recharge and nourish yourselves. Both are needed.

I got to rush now as me and my love, Carsten, are escaping for a night away :)

From Northern Transylvania, Nora

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