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💚 Always Love

Just in case you don't know yet, today is the last day of this mad, weird year. Maybe you are getting ready to go out, meet friends, travel to a beautiful location, or perhaps you are just about to move from the bedroom to the living room, or maybe you are alone and have mixed feelings about all of this. However, this email finds you I hope you have love in some shape or form and get to pause a bit, look back on this year, thank it and let it go. Yep, I am getting mushy. 💚 I have a G&T in the spare room/office/storage space/sex den celebrating the New Year as it has already arrived in Kyrgyzstan. Writing to you made me pause a bit before starting a fire in our garden, burn some shit, cook, eat, call families, dance, play some games, cry and maybe sing if all goes well. No resolutions or expectations will be made. 💚 I want to thank you all for being with me on this journey. It's been a crazy year, and maybe you also had a crazy year. I am not sure the next one is any better. All I know is that no matter what awaits us tomorrow, if we meet it with an open heart and mind, it might not be as bad/scary as it looks. I am looking forward to connecting with you even more in the new year. 💚 ⭐️ THE MONDAY CLUB ⭐️ is starting on the 17th of January, the day before I turn 44. There are new, exciting experiences coming your way. Check them out HERE. 💚 I have a friend in Canada, and he signs every email or text with Always Love, and I like that very much. I might steal it from him. Always love, Nora

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