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Are you bored?

Boredom is not something that happens to us from the outside. It's something we do from the inside when we lack curiosity. No amount of Netflix will help with feeling bored in the long run.


We got used to relying upon constant entertainment (thanks to technology ) and exciting things all the time as we simply can't imagine being bored. The minute kids grow up, they become less curious as everything is offered on tap. Most conventional education is pouring info into their heads without igniting curiosity, so they start saying, I am bored. I grew up in Communist Romania; all we had to play was each other and a stick ( not really, but you get the gist ). Maybe that is why I kept being curious. I also train my curiosity muscle regularly by trying new things out and it's easier then your mind make you think.


I understand that there are many different reasons adults feel bored. Still, underneath it is a lack of curiosity; if only we could stay curious no matter what, we would not rely only on technology or the outside world for exciting, joyful moments.


And that is how ⭐ The Online Monday Club⭐developed into the place to train your curiosity muscle with others and learn never to be bored again. It starts on September the 13th. Check out the dates and the lineup HERE

Cure boredom forever.

Love, Nora

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