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Art Heals

I know it seems crazy these times to suggest doing some #ART, but I believe making art will bring us #sanity and #heal this world in the long run. It doesn't have to be great or even good art. It can be crap, messy shitty art. As long as it is an expression of yourself, it's ok. Art can be anything, really: painting, drawing, knitting, dancing, gardening, creating music, cooking, cleaning, playing.... As long as it comes from your inner creative self, it's all good.


So here are the two events coming up next week that will help us do art #together. No previous experience is required. All emotions are welcome.

▶️ 7th of March Playing with Paints with Renata Chubb at

The Free Monday Club online.

▶️ 11th of March Women Dancing for Sanity in Blackheath, Greenwich.

The world relies on our sanity more than ever.

I know it's easier to do all of these when you are in a relaxed, safe, joyful environment. Who wouldn't like to be right now on a week-long resort, in the sun, painting shit while sipping cocktails? However, life is not like that. So here I am telling you to get your crayons, dust your dancing shoes, take your guitar, sharpen your carving tools and create art. Forget about your gremlins that will tell you: you are not Picasso, or Aretha Franklin, and that only special people are meant to do art. Tell those gremlins to f**k themselves.


It will feel strange at the beginning, you might feel guilt for doing it, but soon enough, you will relax into the process, forget about the to-do list, work, shit that is not in your control and lose yourself. The best parts in making art are the after-effects: joyful awareness, a deeper connection to yourself, a calmer nervous system and possibly some crap art that will bring a smile to yourself and others.

Our hearts are breaking at the moment, and art has the power to heal.

Always love, Nora

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