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Caring People Help

We heard that people who care are the ones that help so many times in our lives, and recently, I heard it again in my Fundraising course. Most people think they must approach rich people to fundraise. However, that is not the first thing to do, as we know most rich people don't part with their money easily. Unless you are also rich and they can sympathise with your struggles. Yep, wealthy people struggle too. Who knew?

Jokes aside, whether you are rich or not, the first step is to reach people who care about your cause or you. And guess what? The vast majority of people don't care about your cause and you. So how do you find them? Well, here is what I learned from my experience and was reminded of it again a month ago.

People who care about your cause, and situation, are those who went through a similar experience and empathised with it. That's why raising money for Cancer, the MeToo movement, or children in need is relatively easy, as most families know someone affected by it.

More particular issues need more work and awareness, such as raising money to save an organic farm like Sutton Farm.We all depend on food daily, and we know farmers are vital to our society. However, few of us are farmers or have been close to the land and know how hard it is to grow a thing and rely on the weather for it. It's absolutely mental out there, peeps.

I was fortunate enough to experience it as a child and see today with my family's egg farm how difficult it is. So I have a deep appreciation for farmers. It is easy for me to help them; hence, next week, when Sutton Farm starts its Crowdfunding, I will be sharing it all over my media, newsletters and with friends. You got warned :)

Also, there is another thing to keep in mind; it is hard to ask for help. Ego, culture, the idea that we can make it on our own, shame and lack of community or village make it more challenging. But finding people that care and are willing to help you is not impossible, and you might find them in unexpected spaces like Facebook.

I joined the 60k Expats in Copenhagen FB Group months ago and observed how active and helpful they offered solutions and practical advice on various issues, not just platitudes and likes. I am so impressed by it, especially after we found a house to rent less than a week after my first post on the group asking for advice about the rental market, which is a bit crazy in DK. The house we found is from a fellow group member, and we are signing the contract in Copenhagen next week.

I mean, I know there is luck and all that. Still, I can't help thinking that these immigrants are so helpful because they understand how it feels to be a foreigner in DK and are willing to help on all sorts of matters, not just housing, meetings, applying for benefits, education, costs, jobs and food shortage. They get it.

Maybe your neighbour doesn't get you anymore, but others out there know exactly what you are going through and are willing to help, and the media is one of many ways to reach them. Use it.

So if you are in need of help what ever that is, go find your people who care about the same things. It might take a while and might take different ways to do that, but stay open minded and be caring yourself towards others.

Help comes from unexpected people, just like I got a new private party to organise by simply being recommended by the last caterer I worked with in January. But that is another story that will share more about in my next newsletter.

From my heart, Nora

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