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Conversation with Debbie Beauchamp

I am delighted to have Debbie Beauchamp with us next week for an online conversation about the importance of a #loving relationship with our #inner #child. Besides questions related to this topic and #family #constellation, Debbie will guide us in a short exercise to get in touch with our inner child and see what it needs. 🐚

To register for our free event, click on the link below. Please share with anyone who might need this.

I met Debbie many moons ago. In the last few years, I experienced her work as a representative, issue holder, both in groups and one-to-one sessions in her family constellation workshops. Last year we also organized a family constellation in Greenwich for the local #community.

I love her #intuition, #wisdom, and knowledge of the #human #soul. It’s like coming home, for me. There is no #judgment, #expectation, just pure loving energy that holds the space for things to unfold. It’s very hard to put in the words; you need to meet her or see her in action. That is why I am excited about next week’s event, as it’s a great opportunity to ask questions, meet, and experience her. We will talk about how our loving connection to our inner child can unlock our #creativity, #energy, and #joy. I want some of that.

Next week's events are both related to the inner child.

In The Power of Play series with Dani Tonks, we will connect to our inner child through #play. Our next event come up on the 25th of March. Check it out below.

In Debbie’s workshops, we connect differently; we #listen and #heal our relationship with it. I think they fit quite perfectly.

Come along. 🐚

Bring your questions.

Say hello to your inner child.

Love, Nora

Learn more about Debbie

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