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Creativity- stepping out of our own way

For many years I thought creativity only applies to some humans and definitely was all about arts. But I tried very hard to learn a new craft as I felt maybe if I try hard enough, I will become creative. I made jewellery, arts and crafts, baked all sorts. But to no avail. So after a while, I gave up and thought it's just not me. Then I read the book on creativity by Osho, and something clicked. I became more silent and aware of those moments of creativity. It's still very much a work in progress.


"It is not a question of what to do; it is a question of how you do it. And ultimately, it is a question of whether you do it or you allow it to happen." Osho


I know I can't force it, but I can step out of its way much more quickly. I dance, move, let go of the idea and stay present at the moment. If nothings come, then nothing comes. I let it be. The essence of my creativity is problem-solving. And I have always done it since I was a child, yet never seen this as creative. I do this without too much fuss. Of course, it takes time, effort, sometimes tears and tantrums, but I love it and enjoy the process, even the challenges. I believe there are solutions for every problem out there, and sometimes we are the problem as we stay in the way of creativity, solutions.


Creativity is not something we own. It passes through us if we allow it. So my question for you today is not how you are creative in your life; it is what do you do to step out of your way of expressing yourself.


I also learned there are many artists, facilitators, and brilliant humans out there, but those who recognise that they are not in charge of this gift and don't own it are few. I love working with those. That doesn't mean that they don't put effort or train or get skills. They also train how to get out of their way when needed. They inspire me a lot.


After seeing the documentary on their career last night at the cinema, the most recent artists to inspire me are Sparks. I never heard about them, and I was so surprised by their story. I highly recommend it. I'm not too fond of music-related documentaries, but this one is top-notch. Just before writing this, I listen to their songs at full blast while dancing in the living room, hence the photos.

I hope you find ways of stepping out of your way so creativity can flow through you.

Love, Nora

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