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Find Your Play Personality

We tend to think that play is just #games, being #silly, making #jokes, but after reading Stuart Brown's book on "Play", I learned that there are eight #personality types and it's much more diverse. Once you #identify your primary type, it will be easier to understand yourself and why sometimes we clash with others if the play personalities are different and not very compatible.

Here is the list of play personalities from Stuart Brown's book:

  1. "The Joker - the most basic and extreme player in history. It revolves around nonsense. Think Ace Ventura, baby talk, #clowns. It's the first type of play we engage as babies.

  2. The Kinesthete - people who like to move. They need to #move in order to think. Athletes , #dancers, yogis even if sometimes they compete, the main reason for their play is #movement.

  3. The Explorer - these are people who are into #physical, #emotional #exploration or metal. It could be travelling away, or searching for a new feeling or researching a new subject while remaining in the armchair.

  4. The Competitor - it is a person who likes playing to #win. He's the terminator. She is the #dominator. They want to be the top person in social groups or in business.

  5. The Director - enjoy planning and #organising. (this is me) We enjoy #planning, executing scenes and events. At our best we are #party givers, the dynamic centre of the social world. At our worst, we are manipulators. So be careful :)

  6. The Collector - #collecting objects or experiences. The thrill comes from having, or holding, the best, most interesting collections of objects or experiences.

  7. The Artist/Creator - #joy is found in #making things. Painting, handwork, gardening, repair a piano; to make something #beautiful.

  8. The Storyteller – the #imagination is the key to the kingdom of play . Novelists, playwrights, but also those who enjoy reading #novels, watching #movies, people who make themselves part of the story, performers. ( this is our daughter )" By Stuart Brown

I hope this brings clarity and #awareness. I am the director, mainly, while our daughter and husband are both storytellers, mainly, so it takes creativity to play together. Sometimes we need other people to play with to fulfil our #needs.

Both series of events I am organising with Dani Tonks and Kevin Davidson are based on playfulness. Each in a different way.

In The Power of Play series, we explore our edges, laugh and release tensions to become more creative in our lives. We are going to move, shake, draw and connect while we release tension. The purpose of these events is to ignite our playful self, reap the benefits of it, becoming more creative so we can navigate the changes around us in a harmonious way.

In The Magick Stone series, we need our playful self to #imagine and #create a unique experience for someone we love. These workshops are #heart opening experiences. We will spend time thinking of the one we love and create a #gift for them. It can be #emotional, as I created last time an experience for my mum and cried through it all. I haven't seen her since 2019. She loved her gift. She needed to make a list of all the things she wants to do together when we meet again. Our first workshop is just a few days before Mother's Day the 14th of March, so it's a perfect opportunity to make something truly special for your #mum.

Join us, and if you know someone that needs rekindling their# playful side, please forward this email. Thank you for your support and play on.

Love, Nora

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