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Games Master Kevin!

Updated: May 18, 2020

Fun and games just got serious.

Welcome to all the new subscribers this week. I am humbled by your trust in me. I am on a journey of knowing myself and I thank you for being by my side. I hope by reading my blog, you find inspiration, joy and connections. Thank you my fellow travellers.

Life is Play.

I met Kevin Davidson through the Greenwich Steiner School in 2013, where he was the games teacher at that time. It's quite hard to describe him in a word. Even choosing a photo was a hassle. Not one phrase or picture encompasses this complex, beautiful human being. So I decided to focus on the side of him I know the most- The Games Master.

Kevin Davidson is a #movement specialist in early years and primary schools. He worked many years in the Waldorf Steiner Educational System and shared his knowledge with other teachers around the world. He is incredibly humble towards his expertise, and that is why it makes him an extraordinary #teacher. His master degree is about games and the value they bring into our lives. He knows his stuff.

I found out recently that Kevin is on a mission to plant #seeds of connections within families and communities. To join, you need to CLICK HERE. After that, this is the next steps:

Step 1: Sowing

For the next four weeks, he is going to send you a little package of seeds. Every week you will receive:

1) Some HandQ games (5-10 minutes of video).

2) A recording of a song from his Family Time movement sessions.

3) A nature connection activity video kindly gifted by his friends at Red Squirrel Resources.

The first package will arrive by email carrier pigeon on Saturday 16th May.

Step 2: Nurture and Feeding

As the seeds grow, they may need some pruning, watering, feed(back)ing and perhaps a bit of weeding. Essentially, this is a chance for you to tell him how useful the content, process and platform is so he can refine it.

Step 3: Propagating

Having pruned and nourished our seedlings, you have the opportunity to share the four-week process with your friends if you wish.

Please watch this VIDEO for more information about him and his mission.

Here is my story of how he planted a seed into our hearts.

I still remember the day I had a ten-minute chat about our daughter for our annual teachers' report. He described her physical and academic abilities with such clarity that even, me as a know it all mother I was surprised. The #fear of failure, concern about what others think of her and the desire to control situations, made her shy away from fully participate in #games and the #academic world. He suggested doing #joggling at home, where failure it's the only way to learn. Of course, we never practised it. However, we as parents become more aware of our fears of failure, losing control and how that influences our daughter. So I went zip lining instead. I don't like heights and turbulences. Peed my pants several times, just walking towards the tower. But did it, together with our daughter. It was one of those experiences that kickstarted a change in our lives. We as a family we are still on that journey. Our daughter is more #relaxed when it comes to failure and enjoys games more than ever. Kevin is our #favourite teacher for us all.

Fun and games are more important than ever. Seriousness hinders our creativity. We always needed creative minds to navigate the stormy seas of our lives. Unleash your inner child with Master Kevin. Receive the seed and pass it on."

Kevin transmitted with #kindness and in-depth knowledge of human nature, a seed that inspired us to face ourselves in a fun way. Not many people can. He taught many #parents games that made us laugh, embrace the natural imperfections of our bodies. We all learned how to nourish our inner child. Fun and games became an essential part of our household. And for that, we are eternally grateful for the seed Kevin planted in our hearts. Hope you will also be a fertile ground for the seeds of #fun and #games

Share far and wide.

Love, Nora

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