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Gratitude is like exercise. Practice makes it perfect.

What a week this has been?! I felt like I was walking through a fog. The outside world is at the moment filled with anger, sadness, and pure stupidity. Though I avoid reading the news as much as possible, it still seeps inside my life. So I ploughed through this week. Of course, I lost my temper at one point after the car breaking down, poor quality of sleep (if you know me, this is very important for me ), lack of inspiration, windy weather, too much housework, and pure sheer boredom. Yes, I know, I should be #grateful because we are #alive, have more than we need, no major #health problems, and we have a puppy that makes us laugh and softens the edges. I even have a #Gratitude #Journal, that my dear husband gave me a few months ago.

The Gratitude Journal is from Kurzgesagt, which in German means "in a nutshell".

"It is an antidote against the dissatisfactions of life".

There is extensive research on how practising gratitude makes our lives fuller and happier. The Kurzgesagt organisation is a YouTube channel and design studio, which specialises in raising awareness on different #science topics through fun and good storytelling. I am not a #geek but love what they do and how they do it. Check them out here. The online shop is full of fun, bright coloured items, including a Poopy Shirt. This is one fashion item to have in your wardrobe if you want to be #cool these days.

My point is that it is easy to be grateful when everything is ok. The moment it gets hard, that is when we lose sight of all the #good things that happen around us. My #week was still full of fantastic moments: I laughed wholeheartedly with my Monday Tarot group, I held a strong plank for 2min and 30 seconds, we had food around the fire, I saw my friend and drank some wine, and I got plenty of #hugs and #love from my #family. I didn't pay attention to these moments and let the fog settle in. Now I know, I need to write in my gratitude journal every day, until gratefulness becomes second nature—practice, practice, practice.

Love, Nora

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