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Human M.O.T.

Cars and #humans #breakdown regularly. However, cars get to have annual M.O.T. (Ministry Of Transport ) tests to ensure that they are #safe and reliable on our roads. It's the #law. Humans don't.

This made me think the other day, why we all agree that cars need M.O.T. check-ups it but not humans? I know cars are complex machines that need to be checked but so do humans. I would argue we are far more #complicated, #vulnerable, prone to #failure, and #essential for that matter. Yet we are just expected to carry on with life's #challenges on our own no matter how well or poorly equipt we are prepared for them. Of course, if we are #lucky enough to have supportive #families, #privileges, and good #friends, you could argue that is all we need to be able to manage life and not break down. However, I am one of those that has all that and still #collapses once in a while. And I have a feeling I am not the only one.

In the book "School of Life" Alain de Botton argues that breakdowns are essential and #necessary to address #issues buried deep inside. Once we are dealing with a #crisis, we might as well pause and see the lesson and message here, even if all we want to do is make it stop so we can go back to our way of life.

"What the breakdown is telling us above anything else is that it must no longer be business as usual; that things have to change or (and this can be properly frightening to witness), that death might be preferable. " Alain De Botton

Why do we get breakdowns when life seems #safer and more #comfortable than ever before? From the outside, we all look like we can cope with many of life's challenges. One explanation is that we humans are far too good at keeping going. We pride ourselves and it becomes a badge of honour to keep going, never stopping to reflect, asking for help, or consider what is going on.

"Because the conscious mind is inherently lazy and squeamish and so reluctant to engage with what the breakdown eventually has to tell it with brutality." Alain De Botton

This year we are going through a global pandemic = a global breakdown. Imagine if we would approach human and global crisis from the perspective of a process of #growth, self-understanding, and self-development. Maybe next time we would be better prepared and not run like headless chickens.

I agree with Alain De Botton, " a crisis represents an appetite for growth that hasn't found another way of expressing itself." With every breakdown I have had, I learned valuable #lessons, and change was possible. But what if we have a regular, annual check-up M.O.T. for individual humans and #humanity as a whole? That would take care of the issues rising before we collapse. What if we would love ourselves and the planet we live on that we would make it the law? We sure love cars, so why not offer the same service for ourselves?

Love, Nora

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