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Heat me baby one more time

We felt the heat this week in the U.K. It finally felt like summer in London, and I have been dripping sweat from every inch of my body at some point. I loved it. Because we don't have enough of it here, my body loves heat as I am a cold-blooded human 😉 Seriously, Mr Wang told me so. No matter that, I love everything about the heat. It makes us mellow, undress, outdoorsy, sweaty, sexy and life seems just a bit more joyful even if you go on the tube and feel like a damp cloth after it.

The thing with heat and everything in this life is that it never lasts. When it comes, we are elated, but after a while, we start moaning about it as it becomes too much, forgetting that it will pass eventually. Once it is gone, we get sad as we think it will not come back, yet it always does, though never quite enough for everyone to be happy.

I mean, we are difficult to please us humans.

When it comes to events and hosting, there will be a moment or two when you will feel the heat as a host or organiser. One such moment is before the event starts and you worry about things going according to plan or about your guests, the food and such. You will start questioning if you can pull it off or if everyone will come and enjoy it. That's normal. You feel like this because you care and put a lot of heart and effort into this event. Also, there is no certainty that all will go well no matter how hard you plan and prepare.

We need to relax into the unknown while we know we have done our best and trust that life will take its course. We might have the urge to fight these worries. It's no point, though. Best to accept and even embrace them. How? By talking to a friend about it. Throw a tantrum if needed. Cry. Breath through it. That's what I do, ask my husband.

Before my birthday this year, I lost my shit in the morning, thinking no one will come, as Covid 19 was very much alive then and left it's mark on us. I cried in the bathroom from excitement and worry too. And once we were at the venue and people arrived, I relaxed into it all. Most guests didn't even know I felt like this just an hour before.

And remember, these worries will eventually pass, just like the weather.

Oh, and don't panic if it comes back later on. If you have already embraced it once, the second time will be easier to manage.

From my heart, always, Nora

Please share with me what you do when the heat comes on, regarding events in the comments below. Thank you.

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