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I Did It!! Thanks Everyone!!

I wanted to thank everyone who #donated, encouraged and be there for my #fundraising 10km run I did last Sunday. Your #compassion and care were deeply felt throughout this #campaign. We raised £2,550 !!! The money will be divided between the two families of my friends: Blanca and Barbara. May their healing path through breast cancer be filled with all the compassion you shared with me.

HERE is a video of the highlights. Now I understand why our teenage daughter asked if I am sure I want to wear those shorts :) Enjoy. Nothing prepared me to see myself in slow motion limping through the #pain. It brought a new set of #emotions to me. I trained for three months and never had an injury, but on Sunday, I pulled a hip muscle on my left side from the first step I took and had pain throughout the entire #run. I am still recovering from it. The mud was epic and the puddles unavoidable. But that was not the point. The point is that I did it. Now I know that if I set myself a task rooted in my #heart and keep at it, I can reach it. This fundraising campaign has brought me so much #joy, a sense of #purpose and #connection.

I am looking forward to my next task and to learn new things about myself.

Love, Nora

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