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„Katharina Grosse. It Wasn’t Us“, Exhibition view, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin, 2020

What is #art? A mystery to me. I really can't define it. It has so many layers, meaning for each of us. No #definition out there seem to satisfy me. It's a feeling. For me, art is everything that touches me to my #core. It makes me #laugh, #cry, #feel sadness, #inspires me, #challenges the status quo and my #ideas.  I #love art, even modern art, which I find puzzling sometimes. I love #artists. Maybe because I not one of them. Their processes, ideas and passions attract me. How do they create all of this? Why do they do it, when sometimes everything is against them? I am a bit envious of their #power and #stamina. Here, I said it. Every time I work with artists, I relish their presence even if they drive me up the walls sometimes. I hope by being around them, some of their #creativity will rub on me. I am sure I am not the only one.

I also would like to hear from each of YOU, if possible. Reply to this email with just a line or word describing, what art means to you. I promise I will read all of them. I will gather all lines you sent me and create a poem for my next newsletter. That will be one piece of art we can all create together.

The current British government has so little #regard for arts in this country that it suggests that artists should #retrain. I am all for being #flexible with our #identities and open to learning new things, but we can all agree that the Fatima poster was #disrespectful and #patronising. It makes me sad but also made me realise that we the people have immense #power in supporting artists and showing that they are equally valuable in this #society as the bankers. Many of you are artists, and some of you are art lovers and agree that art is essential. Now we need our actions to reflect that. Money is one tool we can use if we have it. Buying art, whatever that means for you, it's a great way to #support artists. Collaborating with artists on projects, #hiring them for developing new #ideas is also great. Inspiring our children to appreciate art/artists is another one. Discover your inner artist. You know what to do.  

In the meantime, I am developing a #proposal for several artists I want to work with and #promote. You will hear about it soon enough. Work in progress. 

Until then, please send me your lines. ART NEEDS YOU. 

Love, Nora  

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