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International Women's Day 2021!

Here it is. Our future. Many #women have inspired me in my life; the list would be too long for this #blog post. I want to mention my eternal gratitude to: 🌼 My friends who picked me up when I was down held my sorrow, #celebrate #life together, and accept my entire messy self. The ones who challenge me and grow with me side by side. Thank you for being in my life. . 🌼 My #family members raised, nourish and #love me, no matter what. I love you. 🌼 My old friendships that are over. Thank you for walking next to me, sharing your #wisdom. 🌼 Inspiring #healers, #speakers, #authors, and #facilitators that challenge the status quo create ripples in our cultures and shine the #light in the darkest times. Keep holding the torch. 🌼 All the #mothers out there. I am in awe of your strength and the love you have. You are amazing. Yes, parenting should be paid and rewarded in every society. 🌼 All the #homemakers, for holding families together. You should be paid for your work and never taken for granted. 🌼 Our daughters for teaching us to embrace change and not settle into a comfortable and boring #life. May we celebrate today all the women, for we are still not #equal, and we have challenges to overcome. I wish one day we will not have to march and demand women's rights. That will be a fantastic day. Love, Nora

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