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It's a kind of magic

We all need a little bit of #magic in our lives, especially now. I don't know about you, but if I read one more article on the state of affairs, I will collapse. Yes, I know we need to know what is going on in the world, and it is good to be aware. But the last year, it's been taxing for our #nervous system, and we are reaching high levels of #frustration, #anxiety, and #overthinking. It is simply too much.

That is why I love Tarot cards. They are fun to play and always right in my #experience. I don't care how they work. I want some #mystery in my life. They shine a light into our #inner reality, the one that often gets neglected. They offer #support and #guidance. I love them. My tarot group and I meet every week on zoom to play Osho's Tarot Cards, and it's what kept us sane so far ( almost ).

I never tried other #tarot #cards until a few weeks ago. I have been following Lucy Bullivant on Instagram for the last year, not knowing that she lives in the neighborhood and is part of the Greenwich Steiner Community. Her posts are beautiful and insightful—a pure joy to see and read. When I started looking for #local artists/facilitators for The Monday Club, I reached out to her, and we clicked. I had an online tarot reading session with her, and it was magical even through zoom. Of course, it was spot on and brought gentle #awareness into my life. Try her out, especially if you never did tarot cards. It's a beautiful experience.

That is why I created The Monday Club. I want to bring new experiences to #curious people. I feel I am not the only one fed up hearing and telling the same old same #story at dinner tables. We need new stories, new experiences, new people in our lives.

If you live in Greenwich and you are curious, join us at The Monday Club. If you are further away, check my online events at or contact all these beautiful artists/facilitators directly.

Make Your Life Story Rich.

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