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Launch- The Monday Club Online

It's alive!!!! The next Monday Club Series starting in September 2021 is up on and the lineup is absolutely fantastic. We got storytellers, shamans, body movers, laughter makers, tarot readers, magic bearers and shadow workers ready to take us on a journey and stretch our curiosity muscle. All ten session are £120 or each session is £15.

🔥 13th of September - Improv Games with Liz Peters

🔥 20th of September - Feeling Like and Idiot Workshop with Rachel Blackman

🔥 27th of September - The Embodied Voice with Kate Smith

🔥 11th of October - Irish Divination with Niamh Murray

🔥 18th of October - Moon Ritual with Lucy Bullivant

🔥 8th of November - Sitting with Grief with Sarah & Tony Pletts

🔥 15th of November - Self Empathy with Kaisa Kaarmemma

🔥 22nd of November - Journey to Meet the Departed with Leandro D'Andrea

🔥 29th of November - Shadow Game- Harvesting a Demon with Jamie Catto

🔥 6th of December - Storytelling with Nana Tomova

The Monday Club is for those who might feel that the dinner table stories are a bit outdated, can't remember when was the last time they tried something new, feel stuck and need a bit of excitement in their life. Maybe you want to find solutions for your problems and step out of your comfort zone, but you are not sure what to try, and what you would like, then The Monday Club is the place for you.

You get the chance to dip your toes in 10 different experiences from the comfort of your home without breaking the bank and need to commit to future courses. You get to decide if any of the experiences are good or needed for you. The knowledge gained from your own experience going through these events will guide you, not me, ads or flashy offers.

Staying curious will save you in moments when shit hits the fan, so by training with us, you will be an expert at the end of the ten Mondays.

I love all these facilitators. I know their work and follow their moves. I experienced their authentic, creative, mad and passionate work with my body, heart and mind. I also feel so humbled that they agreed to join me on this great idea to train our curiosity. I also love that they come from different exotic lands such as Finland, New Zeeland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Australia, USA and Plumstead.

Check them out. But even better, come and see them in action. You don't need to get a babysitter; you don't need even to change your clothes; come as you are and stretch your curiosity muscle with us. There will also be time allocated each Monday to moan, chill and get to know each other. As I believe, that is equally needed.

I hope to see you there. And if you know others who need a good curiosity stretch, forward this email. Thank you. Love, Nora

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