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Leaving Lockdown-Workshop 12.07.2020

It's a brave new world out there!

Here it is, my first #event after the #lockdown. I am very excited about it as you can imagine, I have been itching for some social interaction for a while now. 

Leaving The Lockdown

12th of July 10am-3 pm

Cost £45 (if you require a concession email

Spaces are limited to 8 people. 

This day-long #workshop is created in collaboration with my friend Amanda Douge, an award-winning actress, writer, and director. Amanda is an extraordinary #voice #coach that helped me many times to express my needs in a clear way that reflects my values. She brings her many years of using #creativity and #theatre in #community for #play and connection. (I love the way she works; I sometimes call it cutting through the bullshit with kindness.)

We felt that it would be wonderful for #women to share a creative space to explore what the lockdown has meant in our lives. Because you know us, we process things when we talk to each other and experience one another's feelings. 

On 12th of July we are going to make space for you to understand what this lockdown meant for each of us, the lessons we learned, and how to implement whatever our needs are into the current situation and the future. 

This lockdown has created a lot of turbulence; also, it took distractions away; some of us had to face ourselves and see human societies unfold in all their glory. Because of the social distancing rules, we had to process them alone or drive another human mad, as I did. So join us for a day of connections and playfulness that will leave you feeling #empowered to deal with whatever the future holds.

Please get in touch if you have questions, or you require a concession at This workshop will be held outside in Charlton, Greenwich. Location to be confirmed. Weather permitting. 

Love, Nora 

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