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Let's talk about sex, baby!!

Here is a photo of baby otters to relax you before you read my newsletter.

I have been thinking about #sex and also about writing on the topic lately. And I bet many of you think about sex too. Don't worry; I am not going to tell anyone. It's normal. Sex is #natural, #fundamental, and in my humble opinion, it's time to erase it from the list of taboo conversational topics. It's time to grow up. 

Sex was not a topic of conversation in my youth. I learned it all on my skin, so to speak. No matter how fond I am of obtaining my knowledge from own experience, I think it would help to get some info about it and not only the biological part of sex. Topics such as #pleasure, #consent, #erotica, #porn, #diversity and #LGBTQ+ should be added and addressed regularly until maturity strikes, if it ever strikes. 

However, this is not why I am writing to you today. I am interested in good sex. I believe that in a relationship if sex doesn't work nothing works. At least that is my personal #experience. I am in my forties, and sex is still essential in my life. It always was. In my youth, I thought sex is just hormones kicking in, and the rest is practice. Later on I realised it's a bit more complicated then that.  

I know in the last ten years things have shifted, there are courses, websites, and #courageous souls that talk about sex and help others.

"We might think we live in sexually enlightened times and belong to a liberated age, however, the reality is that we are still ashamed, embarrassed about it all, while the narrative outside tells us sex is simple. "Alain de Botton.

I tend to believe it can be simple if you know yourself, and you are available to learn a few skills along the way, adapting to the changes. What do I do to have a good sex life? I talk to my husband. I #love my #body. I speak to friends about sex and how it changes with the years. The lockdown was not very good for #romantic, spontaneous activities and long #foreplays, but we had to adapt to the situation. I observe myself and recognise when something is not right. I love #erotica. There is a myriad of things out there. This site is a fantastic treasure to have for igniting the fire, now that the long winter nights are coming  I love Cyndi Darnell's direct manner of addressing all kind of blushing inducing topics. She is an internationally renowned clinical sexologist, sex and relationship therapist, sex coach and educator.  She offers a free online course: Reboot Your Sex Life. Who doesn't want that?  And one last thing, whatever you are into, talk about it with your partner, good friends and find material to inspire you. Life is to short for bad sex.  I wish everyone an #orgasmic life!!!

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