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Work in Progress

I am working on introducing new services to Nora's Events and reshuffling The Monday Club while preparing for my birthday party coming this Saturday, so please bare with me for a little while.


I want to integrate other creative ways to share my skills, do what I love, and help others. Some of you might already guess what I am talking about, as you probably know what I am best at. I will come back with an email when all is set up, please be patient with me for now. I am in the murky waters of figuring things out.


And if anyone tells you that you should know everything before you even start a project, business, anything really, they are wrong. We figure things out along the way; we change, grow, and it's not linear, precise and polished. It is messy, creative, annoyingly frustrating at times; sometimes, all we need to do is sit with it, and often we try things out and see what sticks.


Thank you for your patience, feedback and connection, and please feel free to email me anytime with whatever you want to share with me or even to unsubscribe if we no longer click; it's ok.


I will be 44 tomorrow, and I decided this year that I will have a big party with families in Mycenae House with music, dancing, food and drinks, the whole shebang. I also did something new regarding presents; I asked the guests to don't buy me any gifts instead if it's ok with them to contribute to the cost of the room hire. If you love me and want to contribute to my birthday experience but can't be with us, you can do it HERE.


And the last thing, on Thursday the 20th of January, we have the fourth webinar with Mr Wang on TCM and we learn about the kidneys, what role they have in our bodies from the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, what are the signs when they are not in balance and what we can do at home to help them.

Always love,


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