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Love starts with self-love

When I was growing up #love was something you give to someone else, and it also meant to sacrifice your own self in the process, sometimes. Loving yourself was seen as a selfish act. It never occurred to me that love starts with self-love. I received love from my #family, surely that was enough? Well, clearly not. Hence my problematic relationship with myself and others. Yes, yes, I know you can't really love someone until you love yourself; however, I still do it. It might not be the best of loves I give, but hey ho, I am doing my best (depending on who you ask ). I also feel incredibly lucky and guilty to have the means that allow me freedom from the rat race out there and time to deal with whatever shit comes up on the surface. I have luxuries such as 9 hour sleeps, a puppy that loves me, the fridge is full, no fear of how we are going to pay the bills (yet), a loving family, #friends, and good #health (touch wood). I spend time with #myself and for myself, and yet here I am talking about self-love. From the outside, all is fine. It's always fine. However, on the inside things are different. A month ago I booked myself for the Self-Love Workshop with Laura Reeves on the and forgot about it until yesterday afternoon, just a few hours before it started. This week I was far to busy behaving like a 3-year toddler, fed up with the world, bored out of my brain, and ready to pick a fight over a toothpick. Issues!  Anyway, the time came to dive into the Zoom world and see what this self-love is all about. Laura Reeves is the creative director at, where she together with other artists, storytellers, activists, and facilitators, develop different programs and workshops for an #awakening #humanity. I know, I am so awake, even woke ;-). Jokes aside, Laura managed in one hour and a half to create a safe place where all 50 participants had the opportunity to connect with their body through breathing #meditation, meet themselves as #children, and hold them in their #hearts. I hugged little Nora like it was the most precious thing in the world and told her that it is ok to be angry, that she is loved and accepted precisely how she is. The homework is to ask this question before every action we take during the next 21 days: What would someone who loves themselves do? Also, to think if we have relationships where boundaries have been crossed and might need to address them. Hell, yes. I have a few. Laura strongly believes, if we approach life with an open #heart, every situation will pass through us with ease and less lasting #pain. Her next workshop is on the 10th of September. We all need self-love. Check it out here. I came out with puffed-up eyes, and my inner #toddler safely curled up in my heart. I am sure my family will enjoy a #peaceful me, but most importantly, I will be the one benefiting the most. To love yourself entirely as you are, it's not only fundamental for our wellbeing; it is also an act of rebellion, as when we are all loving towards ourselves, wars, states, systems and violence will not be needed. What a #wonderful #world would it be?  Love, Nora 

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