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Master Sushi! Lesson 4265

Updated: May 18, 2020

Spiritual Masters come in all sorts of shapes. Mine is a puppy, at the moment.

It's only been a week since our #puppy, Sushi, arrived in our home, and I already feel a cocktail of emotions. Some are more bitter than others. 

She is so #cute and fluffy, and I am melting into a puddle of motherly love. I did the first few night shifts, and this immediately brought back my light sleeping pattern. It took me years to get to some regular sleeping habit after the baby years. I got angry at myself for not being able to be better at this. So yes, an old #pattern has emerged, for the love of puppies.

Kung Fu Panda has both Master Shifu and Master Oogway. I always looked for my own #spiritual Master; now, I have one. In the shape of our puppy Sushi!! She is the cherry on the cake. How can you love something so profoundly and yet feel so much resentment when it doesn't do what you expect it to do?! Yes, yes, I read the book, and still, I am frustrated. 

Last night at our weekly #Osho #tarot reading with my #friends, I was helped to dig deeper than puppy issues. It comes out I have a negative relationship with responsibility. As a child, I carried more on my shoulders than was necessary. So now as an adult, on the outside, I am behaving responsibly, but on the inside I resent it. Well, there is nowhere to hide from this issue. Who knew, that Master Sushi, a fluffy puppy, will be the one to tip me over, challenge my ideas, knowledge and hopefully establish a #healthy balanced relationship with responsibility. Fingers crossed. The path to #enlightenment is sprinkled with dog poo for me at this moment.

We all have #challenges in our lives, Osho calls them Masters. I feel blessed that mine is also a bundle of #joy when it doesn't drive me #crazy : ) Look around, maybe you also have a Master hiding in the shape of a goat or husband :) 

Happy enlightenment everyone, Nora

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