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Mid-Life Crisis, Here I Come!

Many philosophers and #teachers such as Rudolf Steiner and Osho introduced the idea that every seven years in #human #life, there is a new stage of #development. To learn more about each life stage, click here. I am 42 years old, and the #midlife crisis is knocking at my door. Joy.

"The forty-second year marks a turning point in a person's life story; this might be described as an existential crisis." Rudolf Steiner

We hear and see about men's mid-life crisis with the #stereotypical signs of having affairs with younger #women and getting a Ferrari. I have a feeling it's much more complicated than that. Since I am not a man, I don't know too much about it. My husband married me, a young 25-year-old when he was 42, and with that, his #crisis was sorted for a while.  However, we don't hear too much about women's mid-life crisis. A few years ago a dear #friend announced to her close friends that she doesn't have time to waste anymore, now it was her time to discover herself and #shine in all her #glory before she turns fifty. She had a sense of #urgency. I remember being quite baffled by it. I thought my friend was a force of nature already, and I didn't understand why she felt like this. Well, now after four years I get it. I have the same sense of urgency, something is shifting, and I feel like a #lizard that is #shedding it's old #skin. I am waiting with trepidation for the new one, though I love my old skin. It has #bruises, #medals of achievement and it is so #comfortable. It's like an #onesie. I have a feeling my new skin might be a bit tight, at least around the waist, and will take some time to get used to it. My new #skin might have old #patches from my previous identities, and deep down, I will still be Nora, but it will also have new layers of myself that I have never seen before.  I look around and see many of my friends going through the same process, so I know I am not #alone. My mum said to me a few months ago, that stuck to my heart: 

"Go, Nora, do your stuff, whatever that is. This is a great moment; you have energy, creativity, experience and the itch to start a new adventure. Don't wait too long. " my mum.

There are many #groups such as The Midlife Movement where thousands of #women share their stories about how the midlife crisis became an #opportunity for them, and they also offer support throughout these challenging times. I find inspiration in reading their stories. For me, the most effective way to deal with my crisis is to talk about it with my close friends, spend some time #reflecting on it and have a #good old #rant when I feel stuck. I am also more #tearful than ever before. It takes nothing these days.  I just wanted to share what I am going through at the moment with you, my dear readers. Maybe you are shedding some old skin and find it #frustrating, #scary and #exciting at the same time. You are not alone. Talk to your friends. I bet some already went through it and might be able to share some wisdom. Your #parents might be willing to share their own experiences. And if you found something that works for you or not, #share your #stories with the world.  Love, Nora 

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