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💎Perfect is the Enemy of Good Enough.

This is a very imperfect photo of our daughter's drawing from when she was 5 years old. My inner #perfectionists almost took me over but I resisted. The #drawing is excellent, though. I #love the head inside the elephant. What could it mean?! Ok, ok, I digress.


I am far from perfect; some might argue I am quite the opposite, deeply faulted in my expressions and my behaviour, especially if you ask our teenager.



If you have seen some of my recent videos of me dancing or talking about what I do and love, they are far from perfection. I embrace my imperfect self at this moment, but I was not always like this.


I used to hate loosing as a kid. Mistakes were to be avoided at all costs. I grew up with some of my family members, seeing perfectionism as a skill to have and be proud of; anything else was seen as a disaster. Now let me tell you what a #disaster is: the amount of time, effort and repressing of the #authentic self in order to achieve perfection. Perfectionism, it's an elusive thing; we never quite get to it, so we are constantly working for it, trying, feeling unfulfilled, #shameful and #guilty. It's tiring and at some point I just got fed up with it.


I am aware that this pattern of mine has to be looked at with #vigilant eyes as it tends to come out when shit hits the fan, so I actively put myself in situations where I am not good at and need to improvise.

My videos are not rehearsed and not overthought as the minute I start analysing the idea, the authenticity goes out of the window.

My blog post is also written with very little preparation, and I avoid editing. Lucky you.

When I do my events, I let myself flow with the flow and allow people to be as they are, try not to expect anything and keep in mind that the events I do are not only a self-discovering experience for the participants but also for me.


I get inspired by humans that dive into their authentic selves, #embracing #shadow and #light. I hope you also have those around you and, if not, come and join one of

⭐️ The Monday Club⭐️ sessions and meet fellow curious, brave souls. Mistakes are encouraged, connections will be forged while we learn something new.


May we all dump perfect into the bin, embrace imperfections, mistakes and good enough instead.

Love, Nora

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