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Playfulness Master- Dani Tonks

I am delighted to write about one of my favourite #facilitators, Dani Tonks, the master of #playfulness, silly faces and an inspiring #embodiment practitioner. I experienced her work last year on her #online courses "Rewilding Our Bodies" and "Wild Play Lab: Unlock, Release and Relax". Both #workshops got me out of my #head and into my playful self, through #improvisation, imaginative #play, clownish exercises and #movement. She is a fantastic facilitator that held us all in a loving, gentle way so that we could relax into our weird edges.

Dani is starting a new six-week course called "The Body Knows: Six Weeks Intensive" next week 12th of January. Sounds intensive but also necessary, now more than ever. As #humanity, we are currently experiencing the importance of genuine #connection to ourselves, our #bodies, and #nature and the effects when we are not in touch with either. This course has the intention to do just that, through playful, profound, inner exploration and release. The aim of this course is:

"To bring awareness to our unconscious behavioural patterns, and begin to consciously dismantle our limiting habits in a fun, accessible and safe environment." Dani Tonks.

For more information click HERE.

I believe humans carry a lot of #emotional #rubbish as I call it. Sometimes we live with it, self-harming ourselves, slowly killing us and other times we dump it on others. That is how I grew up. There were only these two options available. Now we know that there are multiple #recycling methods or #composting services for our #emotions turning them into something nourishing and positive. All the facilitators, #masters that I experience and write about teach humanity how to do precisely that. We need someone to show us the tools, teach us the basics and support us on the way. Until the glorious day will come, that we can do it on our own.

I am passionate about all the diverse ways we can reach emotional balance, not only because it's linked to our #body and #mind, but also because I #love experimenting and it uses my creativity as a #sales person and a #promoter.

Suppose you are interested, curious in learning how to recycle your emotional rubbish than you are in the right place here. I will continue #writing, #organising #events and workshops about and with a wide range of facilitators. Hopefully, you will find the ones that inspire you to take a step towards #emotional #health.

Love, Nora

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